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If you decide to drive in Ozlo Oslo, be forewarned: By the beginning of this year, the city finished removing more than parking spots—replacing them with bike lanes, plants, tiny parks, and benches—as a major step toward a vision of a car-free city center.

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Without those parking spots, and with cars banned completely on some streets, few people are driving in the area. Oslo first pedestrianized some streets in the city center in the s, and invested heavily in public transportation in the s.

Inwhen a progressive political coalition came to power in the city council, they started planning a more To the lady on Oslo ave transformation.

For now, there are still parking garages Osko the periphery of the center. Emergency vehicles still have access. In a new zoning plan, the city is taking its intentions further, giving pedestrians, cyclists, and public transportation greater priority than private cars, and planning a network of pedestrian zones that are fully car-free.

I am certain that when people imagine their ideal city, it would not be a dream of polluted air, cars jammed in endless traffic, or streets filled up with parked cars.

The city is adding new trams and metro lines and more frequent departures, and lowering the cost of tickets.

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For the last few years, the city has also been quickly building out a better-connected bike network, converting parking to bright-red bike lanes. It handed out grants to help citizens buy electric bikes.

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The city bike-share system has quickly grown, tripling to nearly 3 million trips a year between and The system usually closes in the winter, but it ran a pilot this winter using bikes with spiked tires. It also tested offering cargo bikes.

As more people bike, To the lady on Oslo ave opens up room on overcrowded public transit. The changes, unsurprisingly, have been met with some resistance, both from car owners and businesses. But while business owners initially worried about the city creating a ghost town that no one would visit, the opposite seems to be true; as in other cities that have converted some streets to pedestrian-only areas, the areas in Oslo that have been pedestrianized are some of the most popular parts of the city, Marcussen says.

We need to plan our cities better for the future so that the private car is not setting the premise for how we build our cities anymore. Several th cities are also working to reduce car use, such as Madrid, which limits access to the city center for anyone other than the people who live there.

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Other cities will follow. I think this will become an increasingly important issue as we see more and more clearly that letting private cars take up so much of a very limited space lacy city centers is just not very efficient.

At the same time, we are learning more about how pollution affects those of us who live in the cities, especially children. A couple of decades ago, it was perfectly normal to smoke cigarettes inside.

Today, very few would do that. One day we will look back and ask ourselves why we ever thought that was a good idea.

By Adele Peters 5 minute Read. Work Life.