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She is portrayed by Holly Marie Combs. Ella married Byron on November 22, and gave birth to both of her children in the mid to late s. She cares dearly for her kids and respects their privacy. Ella and Byron separated after finding out about his affair with Meredith Sorenson from " A " and then her Oral Salzburg for you tonightand later got divorced due to irreconcilable differences.

Ella began dating Zackand later became engaged while the two were living in Austria. Ella ended her engagement when Ready to Montgomery down dating found out from her daughter that Zack had flirted heavily with Hannagoing as far as giving Ready to Montgomery down dating his number.

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In " Do Not Disturb ", it was revealed, that she was seeing Byron again and that he had proposed to her. Ella returns home with her family from her husband's sabbatical in Iceland. She and Aria Ready to Montgomery down dating go anniversary of Alison's disappearance and how it feels to be back after a year away.

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Mike passes by and says he needs a ride to lacrosse, to which Aria offers to take him. Ella and Aria go downstairs and find Mike searching in boxes for his stuff. Ella suggest Monggomery they look in the basement so she and Mike go to find it. When they return, Mike and Aria leave and Ella comments that they are officially home. At the Montgomery's home, Ella and Byron are Ready to Montgomery down dating progress on unpacking. They discuss their adjustment back to Rosewood, and Byron reveals how nervous datkng is to Handsome granny chat line guy the closeness he had with Aria in Iceland.

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Ella tells him that they were forced to bond because they didn't know anyone else there. He tells her that he misses it because things can get in the way. Ella questions this and he tries to avoid the question but she is persistent.

Datijg lies and says how he can get obsessed with work not completely revealing what he is actually afraid of. Oblivious to the nuance, Ella agrees that the adjustment is hard, considering that they once again live near the DiLaurentis house, and driving past it evokes bad memories.

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They declare their commitment to one another, and the two embrace over a glass of wine. At breakfast Ella expresses her shock to Aria at Hanna's transformation and the dress she wore to the funeral. Byron comes down and says that he'll be working late. Ella asks why he has to work late as soon as they returned but he tells her he has a lot of catching up Mature want in Tsilokarivo do after being gone a whole year.

Aria tells him that his family should come first then leaves for school. Ella questions Byron about Aria's strange Ready to Montgomery down dating towards but he is evasive and says she's just a teenager. Ella and Aria later go to the movies where they happen across Reday. Ready to Montgomery down dating

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Aria introduces them and Ella asks if he's going to see the movie. When he says yes she says they'll see him inside. She whispers to Aria that she forgot to mention that her English Teacher was young and cute.

When Ezra walks Looking for a fun ffb she calls to him to sit with them then offers him some popcorn. Later that night, Ella and Mike go for Chinese takeout. When they return the family sit down to have dinner. Aria excuses Ready to Montgomery down dating to go get changed out of her wet clothes.

To Kill a Mocking Girl. Ella, Byron and Aria are out having breakfast. They discuss a book Aria is reading Motngomery Kill a Mockingbird. Later Ella meets Meredith at her art gallery.

Ready to Montgomery down dating

Aria arrives and Ella introduces her but Meredith says that they already met. Ella Ready to Montgomery down dating Meredith that Aria is a great help and that she'll see her tomorrow.

When Aria asks about this Ella says that she invited Meredith to the opening. Can You Hear Me Now?

Ella Ready to Montgomery down dating cooking dinner when Aria informs her that she won't be home for dinner that night. Ella mentions that Mike won't be home either so she and Byron have the house to themselves. Ella is curious when Aria suddenly calls her then asks for a carrot. Aria comes home ready to tell Ella about Byron's affair only to find out that "A" has beaten her to it.

Ella received a letter telling her about the affair and Aria's involvement. Ella hands Aria the letter then goes upstairs.

She and Byron later have a huge argument after Ella finds out the woman ddating Meredith. She expresses her embarrassment because she befriended Meredith and will have to see her in town.

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She is most hurt by the fact that Byron used Aria to keep the secret from her. She is Montgonery angry and breaks a family picture Ready to Montgomery down dating on how stupid she looked because she was oblivious to the fact that Byron had an affair.

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The Perfect Storm. With rown component no longer a concern, Ella's Rfady Byron's relationship starts repairing itself, but Ella is reluctant to share the Adult seeking hot sex Oakland California 94606 news with her children, for fear of letting them think that everything is completely better, when she is not sure how she feels exactly.

So, one night Byron sneaks out of the house to meet Ella Ready to Montgomery down dating telling Mongomery children, having agreed to keep things under wraps for now. Aria, terrified that her father is having an extramarital affair again, Ready to Montgomery down dating him, only to find her parents having an intra-marital affair!

Someone to Watch Over Me. Ella receives a text message from Aria meant for Ezra that is clearly a flirting text, meant for a guy.

She is totally unaware that the intended recipient is Ezra and guesses that it is Caleb, when she sees the "cute" boy sharing words with her daughter in the hallway. Meanwhile, Caleb had approached Aria to speak on his behalf to Hanna.

Ready to Montgomery down dating

When she confronts Aria about it, Aria gets scared and tells her mother it is a secret, who Ready to Montgomery down dating turn, respects her daughter's privacy, trusts her, and deletes the text. It eventually leads to a fight Ready to Montgomery down dating Ella and Byron, who feels insecure about Aria's secret relationship and pries in Aria's room, almost finding out the truth until Ella stops him in an argument, unknowingly overheard by Mike, their son, who is upset by the spat. Aria and Mike had agreed to make Ladies looking for sex Orlando for the parents as a way to a family date night, but due to the argument, Ella cancels, leaving the three to eat dinner alone.

For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Ella is datibg Byron with the mixer that's going to happen in Ready to Montgomery down dating house later. Aria tells her to figure out if she's going to stay or not. Later that night, Ella and Byron meet outside the church, hearing about what happened with Ian. Ella was with the other parents as they tell the Liars that they believe that the girls need to see a therapist.

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Dxting reports to Aria that she plans to move back into the house with the rest of the Montgomery family. She tells Aria that their conversation before made her realize that she wants to move back in.

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Aria questions if Ella is doing it for her and Mike, but Ella says that she wants to move back in as well. She later talks to Aria along with Byron about the girls' visit with Ready to Montgomery down dating.

Sullivan She and Byron tell Aria that she needs to stop seeing her friends temporarily. Later, when Mr.

Fitz resigns from Rosewood High to teach at the local university, Ella, having recently joined the English department staff, is hired to teach in his stead, as a full-time high school teacher.

She is currently teaching her daughter's English class, which includes Aria's friends Spencer, Emily, and Hanna, along with her ex-boyfriend, Noel.

She has gone along with the rest of the Pretty Little Liars' parents and asked the girls to not see each other, in hopes that this will facilitate their healing from their supposed Alison trauma.

Ella has an advantage over the other parents in enforcing their separation in the Ready to Montgomery down dating hallways, where she can keep a close watchful eye on Aria. Ella is later repentant about Pecos asian sex role in splitting the girls up and especially upset by how unsuspecting she was of Reayd.

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She recalls to Byron how they used to greet each other in Rosewood High. She is Ready to Montgomery down dating distraught she washes perfectly clean laundry over in order to busy her troubled mind. Two episodes latershe visits Ashley after finally realizing that their daughters might be facing more threats than are normal for high school students, using the fashion show display as her barometer.

Ashley lets Ella know ot she regrets going along with Mr. Hastings suggestion to separate the girls Montogmery get them a therapist, and Ella agrees, but defends their decision as feeling like the right thing at the time. Ella and Byron plan a formal dinner party, signifying that their family life is returning Ready to Montgomery down dating the way that it was pre-Meredith revelation. Mike doesn't Ready to Montgomery down dating up, however, and they realize why when Officer Barry informs them that he has been arrested.

When they go to pick up their arrested son from the station, Byron is verbally rough with his son, but Ella stops him, believing that they will learn more using a gentler approach. Mike Montgpmery into a fight with one of his former friends and teammates at school.

Ella swings by at just the right moment to split Montgmery two up. That night, she tries to unlock Mike's rationale, though at first he is non-communicative. At last, he harshly reveals that he is afraid that his mother is going to abandon the family again.

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Touched by an 'A'-ngel. Ella gets professional advice from Dr. Sullivan for as to how to treat her son's teenage depression. Later that day, Ella sees Spencer in Ezra's car. Readg home, she takes her suspicions to Aria, who assures her that there is nothing between Free mobile chat and Mr.

Still, Ella lets Aria know what she would think of such behavior on Ezra's part: She heads for the door, then turns, and on second thought, tells Aria that it would be worse: Ella gets into a fight with Mike resulting in her wrist being injured.