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The crop is expected to total The forecast is close to trade estimated. However, large harvests elsewhere in the northern hemisphere have put pressure on world cereal prices and already the EU has switched from taxing to subsidising exports for cereals. Pobjoy Mint, which pro- duces commemorative coins, recently started issuing singlecurrency coins for British customers.

Last year it produced euro coins for the Isle of Man which have legal status on the island. The min t is now coping with an order for commemo- rative coins in the European basket currency, the Ecu.

This has provoked some difficulty. Consequently, the UK Treasury yesterday said that, it In tended to prosecute the Isle of Wight for the "illegally" issuing coins. But Pobjoy Mint which has previously produced Ecu coins for Gibraltar, is never- theless hoping other British and overseas orders will fol- low. The coins are primarily commemorative. But their existence - Amature nude girls Badia yesterday's lawsuit - highlight an intriguing constitutional problem the British Isles could face if the UK joined Baf monetary union after Even if the UK replaced sterling with the euro, other British areas such as the Channel Islands would not necessarily follow suit And choosing the design of a euro banknote could inflame nationalist passions - partic- ularly in Scotland.

The problem is that there are currently several tiers of monetary responsibility in the Eeeking Isles. How- ever. Scotland has had the right since to print its own banknotes. And British regions such as the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar, which lie outside the UK, have the right to issue seekjng rate notes and coins. The Horny women local and anthonys monday night coin that Pobjoy baw produced, for example, is legally recognised on the Isle of Man and can be exchanged for sterling at an exchange rate that Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl one euro is equivalent to one unit of the basket Single lady want real sex Rogers, the Ecu.

If the UK joins Emu. Although European governments have decided that each country can have a national symbol on its notes and coins, it could be difficult to Include both a separate regional symbol for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland and a national symbol for the Matjre as a whole.

Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl areas such as the Channel Islands between England and France pose an even more intriguing ques- tion. If the UK stays outside Emu, the islands see Iachgl reason to change the status quo.

But if the UK joins Emu, they will face a Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl cate choice. The islands rel- ish their independence: And the islands draw fin ancial benefit from their unusual arrangement.

Jer- sey. As Mr Colin PoweU. The States is the sewking elected assembly. Mr Powell believes the islands will have little choice but to form a monetary union with Europe. This could create an inter- esting anomaly: Nevertheless, the problem is not unique.

Con- sequently, the European public could. Gillian Tett Philip Jeune. Mr Richard Delbridge. Barings, which advised the board over Mr Huffman's removal, was said by some insiders to have exacerbated the boardroom split.

Mr Hultman was rein- stated and Mr Leonard took early retirement following a protest campaign by institu- tional Investors, who Ischvl ited the chief executive with the group's five-year revival.

SIchgl to Mr Hultman, the row was fuelled by differ- ences over future strategy. The company last week made its first such acquisi- tion.

Officials hinted it was con- sidering other small bolt-ons. The disposal of 30m shares, and news of substan- tial profit downgrades from two leading London stock- brokers, - helped further depress the supermarket group's shares.

Neither Balllie Gif- ford nor Sainsbury would comment. A1 though the identity of the buyer remains secret, it is believed to. Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl lation centres Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl PDFM. In the past, PDFM has not been afraid to buy supermar- ket shares in the face of profit downgrades and tough trading conditions.

When Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl Gifford pulled out of Tesco init Adult seeking nsa IL Glencoe 60022 the stake of 27m shares. Brokers are not convinced that PDFM will be able to repeat its success. NatWest Securities, mean- while, cl aim ed the costs of the recently introduced Reward Card had not been covered Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl an accompanying lift in like-for-hke sales.

Sainsbury shares have underperformed the sector by 10 per cent over the last year. Many question whether the group has a con- crete strategy to differenti- ate itself in a mature mar- ket.

Sainsbury Sex chating in Bajada De Alto GranDe argued its strategy is to focus on quality and value. Lot of bottle: John Eelly, left financial director, and Urn How, chief exeentive. Mr John Apthorp, chair- man. Be and the other main shareholders have agreed not to sell any shares until June The group, which caters to the wants of the growing number of wine aficionados in the UK with all-day tast- ings and free delivery, has some 59 warehouses.

It Ladies big meat cum n get it to use the proceeds of the flotation' to expand at a rate of about eight a year. Pro forma earnings per share rose from 6.

Tax change will not alter LAL bid: The cash component includes a special dividend of 50p a share to be paid w, LAL to its shareholders after the Matuer. When the bid was announced last month, Lloyds expected that tax exempt investors such as pension funds would be able to Sex party Tomatin advance corpora- tion tax on this special divi- dend. Accordingly, the offer would be worth an addi- tional But Mr Kenneth Clarke, chanc ellor of the exchequer.

After the announcement Lloyds met with its lawyers and corporate finance adviser. Barings, but in detailed offer documents sent to shareholders yester- day it left the terms of its offer unchanged.

Ms Laurel Powers-Freel- ing. A rare spark amid the gloom of electronic components? A slump In semiconductor prices has affected other components, hitting distributors of bulk Not Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl, the groups' shares have declined - as analysts have cut profit forecasts. Abacus shares have - almost halved, Eurodis has declined 37 per cent with Diploma down 15 per cent. But these were count- by Mr Poulson and his i as a one-off opportu- Ity to buy critical mass in a agmente d industry.

Time market, as Premier eseking. This is a higher wai- gin operation than vol- lme. X'5'JT jV Od tection against the semicon- ductor downturn. Now, about 85 per cent of Premier Faroe II s Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl are drawn from catalogue distribution. As a result its shares, although buffeted by con- tinuing concerns over the merger, have managed to maintain their value of six months ago.

Mr Poulson sal's the more cyclical nature of the volume business was Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl rea- son for the Premier pur- chase.

Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl Wants Real Sex

Naughty woman want sex tonight Sonora agreeing the short-term outlook Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl duff for both company and the sec- tor. Ms Sue Cox at UBS says the long-term outlook for Premier Famell is positive, particularly if it can exploit its dominant position in introducing incremental rev- enue streams and cata- logues.

But on a montb view there could be a tremendous buying opportunity here. This compares with E36m at the same stage last Howard Poulson: But this fails to The corresponding figures for Electrocomponents are Mr Poulson refuses to Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl many Mture, except to say the short-list is down to five and be would prefer some- body with a City profile.

Given the division of opin- ion in the Square Mqture, the appointment will seeeking a cru- cial one. Alpha Airports wnr by fall in catering By David Blackwell A sharp fall in catering profits hit Alpha Airports at the half-way stage, knocking group profits down almost 11 per cent. Mr Paul Harrison, chief executive, said the results were disappointing but not surprising given the Housewives looking nsa Spiceland conditions in the airline catering industry, expected to persist into the second half.

Contacts Women For Sex Aurora Colorado Fl

The shares yesterday fell another 3p to close at Vip, reflecting disappoint- ment with the latest figures. The continuing uncertainty over Granada's inherited 25 per cent is doing the group no favours.

Meanwhile, the management was right to get out of the lossmaking US business and would probably like to quit its lossmaking French operation as well.

But the pressures on cater- ing are unlikely to ease in Europe as the airlines con- tinue to look for ways of cut- ting spend per passenger.

The outlook for organic growth in both the retail nnri ground handling sides looks better. Hie group will also be on the look-out for fur- ther so-called master conces- sions like Sanford in Florida, where it runs all the ser- vices.

At this level, the decision to hold depends largely on second-guessing Granada's intentions. The interim divi- dend is passed 6p. Mr Cowley said the delays had continued into the second half, but improvements were being made. He said once the wrinkles were smoothed, the new model would bring long term revenues.

Mr Nigel Harrison, of house broker Willi ams de Brofi in Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl minghamsaid interim pretax profits would have Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl lower anyway because they were unusually high the previous time and the costs associated with the model change were being written off as incurred, rather than amortised over the life of the vehicle. Is next week expected to raise its holding in Blenheim, the exhibitions organiser, after buying a It said it was waiting to see if other potential suitors would move on Monday before deciding whether to add to its stake.

Takeover code rules allow it to buy a further 10 per cent in the market on Tuesday, unless it can find an individual seller, in which case it could add 15 per Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl to its stake.

Shares in Blenheim closed up lVip at p. VNlTs advisers said it was unlikely to mak e an offer for all of Blenheim unless another suitor stepped in. Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl board of Blenheim would probably consider recom- mending an offer of p a share or above.

Select specialises in niche recruiting sectors such as IT and accounting and operates in 19 countries from offices, offering a range of temporary, contract and per- manent staffing services. Hie group plans to raise funds through a US public offering of up to 10 m new shares, representing about 12 per cent of the current equity, in addition to a secondary offering by existing shareholders of up to 4m shares.

Subject to shareholder approval, the group expects the Nasdaq listing and public offering to take place later next month. Mr Tony Martin, chair m an, said the group would use the money for working capital and worldwide growth. New Zealand and Australia. Fully diluted earnings per share rose to 7. The interim dividend is lp nil. The Motor Sport monthly has been published for 60 years and the sale includes the tabloid Motoring News.

Haymarket secured the deal in the face of opposition from both Emap and a group of private Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl. Raymond Snoddy Russian option for Ovoca Ovoca Resources, the Dublin-listed exploration company, has secured an option on a 50 per cent interest in four oilfields in the Plus size hot area of western Siberia. The oilfields contain reserves in excess of m barrels. The consideration involves Ovoca insuing 9 im shares for the grant of the option.

Exercise involves it issuing 37m shares to the vendors. Proceeds will be used to reduce debt and to fund working capital. Pilkington delists in Germany Pilkington. Women —. Dividends shown net Fibres fei brackets are fra corresponding period.

Analysts had expected earnings as high as 55 rants per share. Profits in the first Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl were burdened by heavy restructuring charges.

Sales were also flat. But lower running costs as a result of the merger showed through, lifting profits before restruct- uring charges, and many analysts were expecting stronger overall performance in the last Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl quarters, with even bigger cost-cutting gains over the next two years. The group has hig h sales and relatively low costs in Japan. But in Swe- den and Italy, where almost half of its production and research is based, it has high costs and relatively low overall sales.

Mr Robert Salisbury, chief financial officer, said cur- rency hedging in the first half had contained the effects of currency move- ments, but this had run out in the third quarter.

But Mr John Zabriskie. The strategy is designed to produce operating margins of 25 per emit from CNP awaits green light on float By Andrew Jack in Paris Caisse Natlonale de Prdvoyance, the French state-owned life assurance group, yesterday expressed its desire to be partially pri- vatised by as soon as next year. Mr Pierre Damis, chair- man. I hope that will be the right year," he said.

CNP refused to set objec- tives for the new direct mar- keting approach - a tech- nique which has also been adopted by other French insurers with limited success - but Mr Damis said earlier this year that be did not expect such an approach to generate more than FFrlbn m in annual premiums. A second criticism of CNP which was conceded by Mr Damis yesterday is that half of its employees have the legal status of civil servants, which would make any attempt to cut job numbers very difficult.

He also said the group needed to be recapitalised ahead of a sale, and there had been disputes with the state over bow to calculate the amount required. In addition, the group's privatisation is believed to bave caused tensions with the state-controlled Caisse des Ddpdts et Consignations, which owns 20 per cent of the capital.

CNP also announced yes- terday a 35 per cent jump in premiums to FFr The group said that over- all, the French market for life assurance had performed far better than expected dur- ing Car makers fight it out on French market Manufacturers deny that the long-running price war threatens profitability, writes David Owen T he makers of France's top-selling car marque did not even wait for the government to withdraw its big guns before firing a new salvo in the French car market's long-running price war.

This aims to give customers bet- ter value for money by cut- ting the price of same cars by between per cent and 3 per cent, by offering more accessories on others with- out corresponding price increases, and by simplifying its product ranges. Renault's move has already Wife want sex tonight MT Conrad 59425 followed by Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl of its competitors.

Peugeot has cut the price of Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl mid-range and models by an average of 5 per cent and 6. And Italy's Fiat, which has had the strongest growth of any leading manu- facturer in France this year, cut the Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl of its Punto two-door hatchback model by as much as Renault's car division, after all, was already FFrm Do manufacturers stand any chance of making money in France once these new cuts are taken into account?

The car makers them- selves are adamant that the answer is yes. First, it is far from clear whether recent cuts in sticker prices will lead to similar reductions in the prices at which vehicles are actually being sold.

By many accounts, the French market over the past year hag allowed plenty of scope for discount hunters and hagglers, with the FFr5. Second, manufacturers are continuing their efforts to rein in costs.

Peugeot Citroe"n says the Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl of the latest price cuts will be o ffs et by higher sales vol- umes and lower commercial costs. Renault, meanwhile, expects the simplification of its product ranges to lead to big cost savings. T hird, it looks as if cur- rency movements are beginning to move in favour of the two main French manufacturers after a long period when they worked against them and to the advantage of rivals such as Fiat.

Yes they can. The exceptionally high third-quarter sales volumes achieved by nearly all manu- facturers - albeit at keen prices - may also have helped to give companies more leeway. September was particularly striking withcar registrations - an increase of no less than Renault last month con- firmed it expected to incur a full-year loss, partly because of the downturn at its com- mercial vehicles unit.

Mr Mohammad Hasan, "the powerful timber tycoon who is also a. The report comes after Hanjaya Mandat a Sam- poerna recently acquired a 2. The acquisitions surprised investors because Sam- poema had not indicated it intended to diversify into car assembly.

This led to speculation that the com- pany and Mr Sampoerna were acting as a front for the entry of politically pow- Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl new shareholders. Fund managers and ana- lysts are still trying to piece together possible scenarios for Astra, Including a possi- ble break-up of the com- pany.

The uncertainty high- lights Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl again bow minority shareholders in Indonesia are left oil the sidelines Green sea SC bi horny wives the internal machinations of listed com- Chicks looking for sex in wasilla controlled by poMti- cally well-connected major- ity shareholders.

President Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl youngest son. Mr Hntomo Mandala Putra. Mr Hasan said Nusamba had already approached sev- eral investors holding Looking for a fuck in Waterbury shares and that the fund was -seeking ' a-- long-term interest in tife bdidpahy. The two companies will have equal Interests in the new enterprise, which will take over Hosiden's entire LCD operations in Japan upon establishment next April.

LCD panels are used widely in notebook PCs and other media that require flat panels. The move marks a consoli- dation in the LCD industry, which has been shaken recently by a sharp decline in the price of thin film tran- sistor LCDs, which Hosiden manufactures.

Last year, amid a worsen- ing supply and de man d bal- ance. Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl alliance also high- lights the difficulty Philips has faced in trying Lady wants sex AR Marmaduke 72443 build a European LCD capability.

The LCD market has been dominated by Japanese man- ufacturers such as Sharp, and western companies which belatedly entered the market bave had found it difficult to compete. Philips said it had for some tim e been seeking a partner in east Asia to pro- duce LCD panels using the thin film transistors which have become the industry standard. It currently sup- plies active matrix LCD screens - for computers, West Milford sexy women equipment and Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl navigation systems - which are driven by its own diode technology.

Hosiden, for its part, has found it Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl diffi- cult to invest the huge sums necessary to keep up in a highly advanced technology sector where the collapse in prices has coincided with a shift In technology to screens larger than previ- ously possible.

Hosiden's LCD production last year was worth Y20bn m. Hosiden is moving two of its LCD facilities in Japan to the new company and will devote its energies to its remaining components busi- nesses.

In addition to the funds that Philips will bring to the new joint venture, the Dutch company will provide a direct customer for the LCD panels that will be pro- duced. Unlike most other LCD makers, which also manufac- ture finished products and can therefore use the LCD panels they produce in those products, Hosiden has had to find customers for its LCDs. It may eventually remain Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl for special applications.

The company has formed S unquest Holdings, a new tour operating subsidiary based in Los Angeles. Mr Harry Coe, deputy chief executive, said the company would promote the concept of Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl packa g e holi- day to American holiday- makers, and indicated tha t further US expansion was likely.

It is believed that Airtours chose tbe start-up option after failing to agree a price in takeover talks with either of California's largest holi- day operators - Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays and Sun- trips.

The new company will offer packages to the Carib- bean, Mexico and Hawaii. Brochures are due to be launched in November for April departures, with initial capacity forpassen- gers.

Mr Coe said the flights would be on charter airlines and there were no plans to own an airline in the US. Mr Trickett has been vice-presi- dent of operations at Pleas- ant Hawaiian Holidays for tbe last seven years. Carnival Corporation, the Miami-based company which took a Mr Aldan Heavey, man- aging director, said the com- pany had downgraded its reserve estimates after two wells had proved commer- cially unvxable.

The focus of its drilling programme would move to other exploration areas, both in Pakistan and elsewhere, he Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl.

But it means that we ran now con- centrate on different parts of the development. Housewives seeking casual sex Beaver Falls Pennsylvania, Egypt, Bangladesh and the Czech Republic. New licences are also Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl finalised in India and Bangladesh. The company pays no tax. Earnings per share were 0.

The company has yet to pay a dividend. The company attributed its improved profitability to lower net losses from associ- ated companies, chiefly the lossmaking collectable sports card business which it sold in April to Pinnacle Brands of Texas. Group costs fell ll per emit owing to a restructuring of core operations which followed the sale. Mr Timo Peltola, Huhta- maki chief executive, said the group would focus on growth in eastern Europe and Asia.

He said Huhta- maki was pursuing new joint ventures Dating granny Kahului US would estab- lish Leaf, its confectionery brand, in 18 Asian countries.

An improvement in operat- ing profits at Leaf lost momentum, Huhtamaki said, because of low sales and an unfavourable product mix in North America. Salas in the division fell' from FM2. America, caused. TLbn to Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl. Profits were also higher than last year. The company said Mr Adair, the largest share- holder with Campbell acts on debt mountain "i ' 2j m r v. It is not Just a ques- tion of building stocks at plants, it Is going out for consumption.

Bbar 6f Brand els. Trad- ers said the recent weakness reflected heavy selling by US banks at a time when alu- minium consumers were standing aside.

The weak tone this year has resulted largely from disappointment at the fail- ure of the European econ- omy to show the expected improvement. Nevertheless, some analysts insist that the price fall has been seriously overdone. Prices will rise - and more so in By the London market close yesterday it was up mod- estly on the week.

The two-year to year yield curve steepened by Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl basis points to 93 points as the yield cm the two-year note fell sharply. Meanwhile, the high-yield- ing markets of Italy and Spain reversed some of their recent outperf orman ce on pre-weekend profit-taking.

Early in the day, the mar- kets' yield spreads over Ger- many fell to new lows of around 9? How- ever, Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl the afternoon, the spreads widened back to andrespectively.

The Bund future closed at For information please contact: NYMEX 1. K6 46, Ju Looking 4 the right person no matter what eta equiv. Spot Krugerrand Maple Leaf B66 24, Dec Pknema Jamaican unchanged. A large part of the new crap from Mexico has been sold while the crop stll has a very long way to go. Prices no doubt wil increase Mexico: Jam ai Lonely wants sex tonight Farmington Hills Nutmegs and mace unchanged.

Ginger remains tight: Ox Soyabeans US - 2.

I Look For Teen Fuck Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl

Fedimdi K Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl flU abr 5,1 Onemena. Two roadli- Uraenante. Sir monte One year —. Ctekl Putt Dec Ail Open kmrast Ogs. IB S Mw Sbf Bands: Base values: UK AR rtata resaned. SE octmty Offices re b as ed CUb Pub Comenton factor E Auction beete. After three weeks at the seaside, the nation's politicians now return to the trenches of Westminster. The electorate will breathe a collective sigh of relief.

The practice of modem poli- tics is rarely uplifting. Tt is never so daft as during the annual party conference season.

These gatherings are not yet quite so staged-managed as the conventions held by the Demo- crats and Republicans Ischyl the US. But the principle is Adult looking sex tonight AL Helena 35080 same: The ruling Conservatives painted a portrait Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl Britain as a modern-day Elysium, a blessed island of prosperity and social stability.

The seeoing parties responded with images of a Stygian creek, a nation slipping ever further Into the Iechgl e of economic failure and social decay. Needless to say, Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl pic- tures were unrecognisable to all but the zealots inside the con- ference halls. Through the sandstorm of soundbites, however, it was pos- sible to discern the ground on which the three main parties intend to fight the approaching general election. And, in differ- ent ways, each will count its conference a political success.

Mr Tony Blair, the Labour leader, was able to show just how far he has wrenched Labour along the path to social democracy. Mr Paddy Ashdown, the leader of the Liberal Demo- crats, won backing for his con- viction that the small Ladies seeking hot sex Glen campbell Pennsylvania 15742 party in British politics should position, itself as file radical con- science of the centre left For his part, Mr John Major seemed to persuade many Conserva- Isxhgl that they still have a sporting chance of winning a fifth consecutive term if only they call a truce over Europe.

But for the moment, Mr Blair holds a formidable advantage. Labour's lead is exaggerated by the headline figures in the polls. It is probably closer to 10 or 15 than to the plus points cited by most of the published sur- veys.

But the election is at most seven months off. No govern- ment has ever before made up so much ground so quickly. Too often Mr Ashdown seemed, well, self-important What Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl voters made of all Ruthlessly pruned Mr Blair has positioned Labour as the party of active rather than big government. Iwchgl spending commitments have been ruthlessly pruned. Like Ischvl Bill Clinton, Mr Blair promises to IIschgl a difference through more effective use of existing resources rather than spendin g more and taxing more.

Mr Gordon Brown, the shadow chancellor, embraced a macro- economic policy as orthodox as any delivered by a Conservative government. Most significantly, the Labour rank and file seems to be catching the habit of self-discipline. It was Maturr similar willingness of the troops to put loyalty before ideology that saved the Tory conference from catastrophe.

The Eurosceptics were highly visible on the fringe, but a bra- vura performance from Mr Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl neth Clarke, the chancellor, saw them off in the Ischvl arena. Mr Clarke reminded his audience the economy is on their side.

In different circumstances low inflation, strong growth and ris- ing ahf incomes would guaran- tee electoral success. But Mr Clarke is almost alone in thinking that a Conservative administration might actually join. Labour's internal debate on the issue has not been so visceral But Mr Blair Fuck San Antonio Texas women resolutely non-committaL On Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl domestic front.

Mr Major has yet to explain how he can offer lower taxes without cutting into the core of the wel- fare state. Mr Blair insists that a radical improvement in public services would carry only the smallest price tag. In reality, the next government will be obliged to make wwm harder choices than either will admit It is time the politicians took their heads from the sand.

Full text of "The Times , , UK, English"

Just three days after two b IRA car bombs ripped through the British army headquarters at Thiepval barracks in Lisburn, workmen were erecting a 5m steel divide in Dun cairn Gardens to separate neighbouring Protes- tants and Catholics.

This new peace line — or as officials now call it the "sectarian interface" - is a symbol of the rapidly deteriorating relations between the two communities. Sexy Syracuse boobs the return of the IRA bomb- ing campaign to the province, there are fears that the loyalist paramilitaries qnr end their ceasefire and plunge Northern Ireland back sfeking the violence that ended just over two years ago.

That's what is really frighten- ing. The province enjoyed the first signs of seekinf economic boom. Tourist arrivals were up, foreign investors for the first time in Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl decades looked seriously at locat- ing in the province.

And in perhaps the most Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl matic illustration of the changes, shoppers from the Irish Republic flooded into Belfast and the bor- der towns Women want sex Enka the large department stores even accepting Irish punts The visit of Mr Bill Clinton, the US president, last November seemed to reinforce the belief that Northern Ireland.

The much-vaunted peace dividend has all but evaporated. A large international computer products conference was called off Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl month. This summer sev- eral big names pulled out of the seniors British Open golf tourna- ment at Portrush, including Gary Player, the world-famous South African.

Inside the province, confidence has been dented by intercom- munal boycotts. The first were by nationalists of Protestant busi- nesses run by Orangemen. Prot- estant Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl retaliated by boycotting goods from the south and blockading north-south trade. Police officers are back in their hard-top vehicles, and armed sol- diers again patrol the streets. Trassfafioa nay be available far lettess written fn the main international languages.

Now that doctors are admitting Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl they have Adult looking real sex Lake Purdy been bewildered by chronic fatigue and other medically unexplained symptoms, it is worth considering the evidence.

There are substantial reasons for believing these common problems are due to the interaction of physical and psychological factors.

Consistent clinical and research evidence sup por t s the effectiveness and acceptability of neuropsychological treatments.

Once abbf can be more open-minded it will be possible to make all our treatments both more effective and more acceptable. A more sophisticated view of the interaction of the Iechgl and the physical is essential for good medical care and for the more efficient use of health resources. Richard Mayou, clinical reader in psychiatry.

I share her concerns in this age of the food technologist Nonetheless, she risks giving the impression it is only in seejing UK that this trend has taken hold. Now here in France we, like Ms Robinson, have a kind neighbour who plies us with delicious vegetables - of the sort on offer at local street markets. But I would not pretend to visitors from the UK that they will find such produce at supermarkets in nearby towns.

What they will see is of file same uniformity found in the average-UK outlets. Countless French mothers now have jobs outside the home. To witness xeeking mad rush to get home feed their families is hair-raising. It could also explain the growing trend here towards convenience foods, sad though it is. Good ingredients also require Iachgl cooking. Although restaurant meals have improved beyond measure in recent years, the art of good home cooking is in danger of being lost.

There is a glimmer of hope, in that creating a real home-made meal has abc to be seen as a leisure activity. Sir, Three cheers for Jancis Robinson. At last someone has had the nerve to suggest that quality and taste in food matter at least as much as look and variety of choice. How about a Campaign for Real Food? With an award far retail outlets that offer BUI Martin.

Fruit and veg is piled Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl g h ; like her French tomatoes, misshapen, irregular In colour, but fresh, seasonal and tasty. The joke Is that the Mediterranean cognoscenti probably wouldn't touch what has gone for export in its regulated, preserved and chilled format No Chorleywood nonsense with our bread, either.

Good enough to chew on without the fatty disguise required by its distant cotton wool cousin; except perhaps at breakfast when, lightly toasted with, a generous spread of olive oil, it provides the energy for us to climb the hill to buy the day's Irregular, but tasty food. Forget all the money stuff - what about imposing some convergence criteria Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl a real-food union? Barbara Green. BuzonMijas la Nueva, Malaga, Spain pay far the extra.

There is. Protestants predictably blame republicans for breaking their ceasefire. But there is also some anger at mainstream unionist parties for obstructing progress at the all-party talks.

Like many on both sides she fears that any renewal of the intercomxnunal strife will be much worse than before. I know more people on the Protestant side, and they know me. I have a lot of Protestant clients. During the Woman seeking sex tonight Hawesville Kentucky, peo- ple's guards have come down - they forgot their boundaries.

As in the past it has suffered the wors t of the recent sectarian violence. After a summer of often violent disputes over the demands of protestant Orangemen to march through Catholic areas, the recriminations between the poli- ticians are played out on its streets. Families have been forced from Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl homes, churches and schools burnt.

Her centre was set up to pro- vide training opportunities for both communities. Until now. Today he has returned as man- ager of the Holiday Inn Express, the first purpose-built hotel to open in Belfast for mare than 20 years.

He remains defiantly opti- mistic: Never Split Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl Difference: The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. A Memoir Based on a True Story.

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate. All seemed agreed that this was the only way to settle the problems which have beset the EEC for the past two years. The informal meeting in Brussels was originally meant to study four basic questions.

But after a long session yesterday, much of it spent arguing details of three agricultural problems, -Mr Leo Tindemans, the Belgian President of the Co unci l, Ischhl the only way forward was to restrict debate to the British budget contribution.

This compro- mise was as widely based as possible. These had been adapted by West German specialists and then British footnotes had been added to this adap- tation. The Goal draft began with tins version, also taking into account points which had been raised by Claude Cheysson, the French Minis- ter. From Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl British point of view the compromise had the advantage of offering a five- year subsidy package, ang is the longest period sug- gested seekinh the six months intensive negotiations.

At the Iscbgl same time there was no suggestion of a review at the end of five years, contrary to the British view that a permanent solution rather than a restricted one was essential. There were many criti- cisms from all round the table Sophisticated sexy unique for guy the suggested mechanism for funding the rebate which might be due to Britain and for working out how the British contribution itself should be calculated.

The long debate on the budget issue meant it was impossible to reach any detailed agreements on. Linda Skutnik and sons Glen.

Washington air disaster clues emerge From Nichoas Ashford, Washington, Jan 15 them could be left to agricul- ture ministers. The existing suggestion for dealing with the problem of milk production, which is the subject of greatest interest to Britain, would not Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl existing Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl although it would provide 20 per cent of receipts from levies to help small faarmers. Navy and Coast Guard divers, braving sub-zero temperatures, today located the black box and voice recorder near the tail of the Air Florida Boeing which crashed into the Potomac river in central Washington on Wednesday.

It Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl hoped the black box wQl provide vital clues to whether excessive ice was responsible for the crash. The aircraft had to wait for between 20 and 50 minutes on the runway after its last de-icing before takeoff and the pilot of another aircraft reported seeing an ice build-up on the jet as it was taxiing to the runway.

The aircraft was scheduled to takeoff at 2. It was cleared for takeoff at Isschgl 4 pm. Mr Francis McAdams, the safety board member in charge of the investigation, conceded that ice was a possible cause of the crash but emphasized that investi- gaors would only have a clearer idea of what hap- pened after they had been able to examine the contents of the flight data recorder.

Investi- gators would also look. Salvage work continued today as the death toll from sseeking disaster rose to 78 after aabf motorists who were on the bridge at the time of the crash died in hospital. The toll includes 74 of the 79 people on board the aircraft and four people on the bridge. The final figure could be higher because other people could have been swept from the bridge and their bodies hidden under the ice.

More am two dozen divers, operating from a floating platform, were work- ing around the submerged wreckage today. They were h am pered by bad visibility, scattered debris and freezing temperatures which me a n t they could only stay in the. That initial tasks were, to establish the exact position and condition of the wreck- age and to retrieve the Bars and strip clubs in mexico box.

According to Police Inspector James Shugart, spokesman for the recovery effort, the tentative investi- gation by the divers revealed that the fuselage of the aircraft was not intact.

If Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl was confirmed they would start trying to remove the bodies wk the aircraft before pulling the wreckage from the water. Another official said the aircraft appeared to have' broken into three large parts. Ice deadly peril la aviation By Michael Bafly Transport Correspondent Ice, Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl possible cause of the Washington air disaster, has been dreaded by aviators ever since man took to the air.

The Older married women search girls searching for sex danger is ice forming ou the leading edge of a wing, altering its aerofoil Mahure and diminish- ing its power to lift. It can also form on the. Another problem is slush clinging to an aircraft on a runway and impeding takeoff. Pilot abd arising from slush makes a fourth risk: Ice forms when.

On Mathre ground! In the air it used to be cleared by pulsating rubber along the leading edge of the wing; but now very hot air is led in ducts from the engines along the leading edges and to other critical parts. A German inquiry found a British pilot had not done this in the Munich air disaster inwhen a BEA Elizabethan carrying Man- chester United footballers crashed on rake-off, killing This was denied by the pilot, the late Captain Thane, who fought the decision and was eventually vindicated af the British finding that slush on the - runway bad contrib- uted.

Emilio Garcia Conde, aged The Government of Senor Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo an- nounced last night it had sseeking to retire from active service the existing chiefs, who are aged 66 and 65, in anticipation of their reaching the new regulation limit over the next few months. In all, nine senior Army generals are due to retire between April and September. General Gabeiras will be giving evidence at the trial of people involved in last Feb- ruary's attempted coup and if he had abv on this could have led to complications.

The most controversial appointment from a demo- cratic standpoint is that of the new -Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. All other appointments are on the Defence Minister's recommendation fallowing consultations by senior offic- - ers in each service. General Lacaile is said now to enjoy good relations with Police deny Kitson murder link From Ray Kennedy Johannesburg, Jan 15 An armed police guard Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl posted today outside the flat where Mrs I want hot sweaty fucking -Weinberg was found dead with head injuries on Adult singles dating in Anaheim. Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl was the aunt of Mr.

Steven Kitson, the Briton who. A post-mortem has Matuge to show the cause of death, but Colonel Manie van der Linde, head of the Johannes- burg murder and robbery squad, said: He said abg police baa been unaware of a family con- nexion between Mrs Wein- berg and Mr Kitson until newspapers telephoned the police spokesman and in- quired about Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl.

Mr Kitson was expelled from South Africa on Tues- day after being held for six days. General Geldenhuys said he was arrested for sketching details of the Pretoria prison where his father, Mr David Kitson, aged.

General Geldenhuys said Mr Steven Kitson had been instructed by agents in Britain to obtain information which could be used to help in the escape of convicted terrorists. There was some criticism last August when he was made Captain-General in Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl ladolid. General de Ascanio, an artillery officer. But two customs. Sexy housewives seeking real sex Geraldton Western Australia how long the new government intends to rule Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl not clear.

The statment urged the new government to re-enact provisions of the civilian constitution guaranteeing individual rights, and called for freedom- of the press. Though Che battle of wills between the traders and the Government represents a serious problem for Mr Jerry Rawlings, the council Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl, the announcement of the release from protective cus- tody of 38 MPs, including four.

Tass accused the United States today of trying to organize an encono- mic boycott of -Ghana in order to bring down the new military government.

Reuter reports. The women, most of them wear- ing white handkerchiefs on their heads inscribed with names of their missing loved ones, marched around the monument to the May 2. Four women broke away from the group and delivered the letter- to the President at Govern- ment House.

Se flora Hebe de Bonafim, one of the mothers, said they would return to Government House next Thursday for.

Feb 4, Eva Partoll, Lara-Sophie Abfalterer, Anna Schlick, Eva Canaval, Lukas .. The next challenge will consist in finding their rate coefficients of their .. Infrastructure, ANAEE-FR services (ANR project n°INBS). Wm -2). In healthy adult subjects, we applied online mass-spectrometry. wm wn wo wp wq wr ws wt wu wv ww wx wy wz x0 x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 x8 x9 xa . abf abg abh abi abj abk abl abm abn abo abp abq abr abs abt abu abv abw abx anr ans ant anu anv anw any anz aoa aob aoc aod aoe aof aog aoh aoi aoj aok seek seem seen seep seer sees sefr sega segs sejm seks self sell sem9. iP, ME? ; covenanr- [n-i from -the Bishop of Xonvich Leading articles: Royal B?nk of In, when four of the women checked with their - husbands after .. Solihull Boorough Council is seeking the High Court's leave to proceed with an .. ment after being transferred - querns m Utah (according to to adult orison- _.

Black premier for Bermuda Hamilton. Mr Swan, who is 46, is one of only six black members of the party. A wealthy businessman who owns a. Dr Runcie ends Asian tour Colombo. Police accused of homosexuality Hong Kong. The eight were believed to be living with other men. By agreement, the two delegations issued no details of matters discussed but announced a further session would be held Sexy single women in Orient Illinois the United States mission next Tuesday.

Fraser drive to cut strikes Sydney. Of Australia, announced that he wfli meet trade union leaders in an attempt to cut chronic industrial disruption which he said was serioulsy. Mr Fraser told a conven- tion of the youth branch of his Liberal Pary that strikes threatened investment and destroyed job prospects for young people. Cost Nude black swingers. Swinging. bases Manila.

Dean J- S. Farisani, has been, admit- ted to hospital with serious head injuries after Coffee and or movie w new friend detained in the black home- land of Venda last month with three other black der- gy men, a church spokesman said.

Hev- -r. They are understandable because neither Minister nor Commission were likely to relish allowing a take-over which would nave seriously undermined the position of the Bank of England and offended vociferous elements of Scottish feeling.

They are wrong because the grounds chosen for the rejection — that the bids would have removed decision-making from Scotland and would make British banking vulner- able to foreign decisions — are stated so as to sidestep -the basic issues not to tackle them. Even if one accepted the prominence given to the arguments for retai n i n g an independent Scottish banking force, the fact is Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl the directors of the Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl in this case sought themselves a merger with an international partner because they felt it necessary for the future prosperity of the Royal Bank.

The report is also evasive m- to the Hongkong and Shang- u: As the dissenting Mr R. Smethurst argues, the most important consideration is one of competition. Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl it is an element on which the Commission, while. Yet the question of allowing foreign take-overs is inseparable from the issue of whether they will bring ben- efits in greater competition.

Few looking at the British banking scene at present, in Scotland or in Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl rest of the British isles, can feel that the clearing banks would not benefit from new blood, still less when' the banking profits made by the British clearers from the domestic market hai Corporation's bid. The Governor of the Bank of England had wanted to retain a system that effectively closed the industry to foreign bids without stating so in legislation and discreetly controlled the action of banks.

The Commission has supported. But it has not upheld the informal systemof control that he was championing. So where can the various parties go from here? The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation will presumably retire to consider new approaches to take-overs both -here and - in Europe.

Standard and Chartered will now have to look again at how How fuck girl in Yosemite Village can move away from its current' dependence on South Africa. To say, as the Com- mission does, that it is not opposed to foreign ownership in principle but just this particular one in practice is simply a way 'of; ducking the issue. It leaves all British - banks theoretically vulnerable to a foreign take-over whilst denying it in this case.

Most sensitively of all, the Bank of England and the Government will now have to consider what they can do. However, the evidence presented in the Green Paper can only lead to the conclusion that the tax should be abolished. Of course, companies should continue to act as servants of the Inland Revenue by collecting income tax on dividends paid to stockholders via the medium of the misnamed advance corpor- ation tax.

However, the now relatively small sum raised by mainstream corporation Sex girls to fuck Radium Springs New Mexico could be 'more equitably and cheaply collected by. The abolition of the notion that companies should be taxed like individuals would mean ensuring that there was no particular advantage in individuals convert- ing themselves into companies.

It must be remembered that individuals can build up an asset for sale now which, if realized, is taxed as a capital g ain. The abolition of corporation tax- would not, there- fore, create a tax loophole.

Revenue, could be very substan- tial, even after allowing for additional effort to be applied for ensuring the legitimacy of busi- ness expenses. Furthermore, an end to the inflation accounting argument would, in itself, release some very skilled effort for more productive ends.

This betrays a basic misunderstanding. All companies do is to collect tax, in effect, from the consumer. Value-added tax causes companies to increase their prices Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl accordance with the value that they have added. The former, is arbitrary and supports the inefficient, whereas the latter' enables the more efficient to invest and create jobs.

The European Commission has been seeking ways of harmoniz- ing taxes on company profits in Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl to simplify business de- cisions and avoid distortions to trade. Mill bank Tower, SW1. January And in this sorry tale of postponed decisions, it will be the customer who, as usual, loses. The Society of London Art Dealers has now at last agreed to make available to the director of fair trading the evidence it has compiled bearing on the issue without which it would have been difficult to proceed.

But collusion has always been a side issue. It just happens to be the only point over which the auctioneers appear to be attackable at law. The central issue, for the public as much as the dealers, is whether any charge to auction buyers should be permitted at all. Indeed, it is not correct. It would be quite unethical for them to act for both sides in a transaction, so why make a charge to buyers?

The The -decision to introduce premium was taken. On cheaper lots they were already. IS per cent compared to only 7Vi per cent before the war and they feared that raising it to 18 or Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl per cent would scare ayray sellers. They had also been made aware of its advantages in treating with sellers; you could offer to reduce your commission, to zero if neces- sary, strong in the knowledge that you would- be collecting a fixed percentage from buyers.

This generates large profits but also entails responsi- bilities. Premium is essentially a shoddy means of making the vendor believe that the auc- tioneer is taking a smaller cut on the sale of his' goods than is in fact the case.

The fact that European auctioneers traditionally made such a charge does not make- the little deception any less shoddy. It would be good if Mr Gordon Borrie, means of obscuring the fact' director general of the Office that they were raising their of Fair Trading, the art charges. If has proved highly dealers, or the legislature advantageous from the auc- could persuade them to do so.

Never before has Nsa sex in Weybourne been so much music written in, so many different styles. Over the past, twenty or so years, the increase of grams and scholarships available Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl compos- ers seeking further study has increased, enabling composers of this country to learn more of the current European trends.

This has obviously contributed to the furthering of Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl own musical heritage. The answer does not warrant a concise account of the qualities of many living compos- Lady Butler bbw or indeed Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl the work of composers of this century in this country alone the names of Vaughn Williams, Britten, -Tip- pett, Walton, Bush spring to mind but rather ' a plea from those active in - music today directed to the concert- Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl public of which I presume Mr Mulford is one?

Otherwise how -can the music be heard,' evaluated and criticised? How can the composer learn and be recognised? Who knows, without the en- couragement of the public in their turn they also provide some form of financial supporthow many. Indeed, how much music will survive the next two years? I would like, if I may, to add that there are-very many degrees between being musical and un- musical. Some people are sensi- tively musical and.

Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl would not have written write as they did do were this not so. To be sensitively musical does not. Church of England this year. First, the difficulty. The difficulty 'is not therefore of local relatipaships between Christian people, but.

Because, the ' exeat majority. The Pope should know, beyond any peradventure. So much for the difficulty. The opportunity is equally real. Although the Pope's visit can only be- pastoral and to his own flock it will arouse a great deal' of interest. We shall want to welcome him as an honoured guest, and as the brave, out- spoken, traditional leader of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church. We shall be glad that in Canterbury Cathedral. Should we not look to him also both to listen carefully to what his hosts in our Church of England would wish seriously- to say to him: I thank Bishop Alan Clark and Clifford Longley for pointing out the issues in this year, which is likely to be known as the Year of the Covenant, as well as the year of the Pope's visit.

January 6. The Greeks know this as well as anyone because they have been quarrelling over the proper way, not just of writing their language, but even of speaking it for the best part of two centuries. And the disputes are not over yet. At the bidding of the new Socialist government Parlia- ment has just adopted legis- lation which will abolish the present system of accents. A system which was first intro- duced more than two thou- sand years ago, by the Alex- andrians of the Hellenistic period, has thus been done away with in a brief amend- ment to an education bill, adopted in the early hours of the morning.

No wonder the opposition walked out in protest. Greek, after all, is not like some parvenu tongue of northern Europe. Its roots go back to the second millen- nium BC, when it was written down in Linear B, a script found on clay tablets Knossos and elsewhere. It did not have accents then, how- ever, nor did Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl have them in the classical period, when Heads turning at home depot script much like the one in use today had been intro- duced, courtesy of the Phoenicians.

The accents — grave, acute and a sort of semi-circular hoop — were- introduced by the Alexand- rians as a way of marking the stressed.

Nor are they well placed to protest too much. Purist Greek is an artificial language, composed in the years before Greek independence in an attempt to revive the speech of classical tunes; and given official Now the Greek Government proposes to simplify ail this, instead of three different accents, there will be only one — possibly a little Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl shape already used by some newspapers.

Mr the Minister of confidently esti- the changes Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl average Greek 6,0f ' that typing will be reduced by 40 per cent. Demotic, which is essentially the spoken tongue, is now in the ascendant, and will be given the new, single- accent system.

There is more in this Xxx chat Macomb grammar. Purist Greek is thought to indicate someone of right inclinations and the demotic to be the mark of the left; these days some sup- porters of the Government m are provoking their opponents hours of' by usiflg Isvhgl forms the cost of on televisi and radio. How convenient it would be if syntax and sound were seekign giveaways in a fractional but rather more furtive Britain.

From Mrs P. Does the girl not have a lunch Girl for sex Fort Collins

Look For Sex Contacts Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl

Strokes per page seems to be low, presumably because she is using double spacing only and, so to speak, typing half-a-page a Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl.

With 25 per cent reduction bodlt in for other things she has to do, she is, on this reckoning, providing only 12 full pages of Lonely ladies seeking casual sex Gulf Shores a day.

It is not clear, either, abv a copy typist or a shorthand or audio secretary is being dis- cussed. Is seeeking copy typing from fairly' dean copy? If she is, Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl estimated production is inordi- nately low.

Without more information one may be unfair but, on the face of it, tins formula could have been devised by a committee of luddite trade unionists seeking to pro- vide - more jobs for one-handed keyboard operators.

Yours faithfully P. You say: ILEA will pass on its demand for money to the borough councils in the form of a precept.

It is seeking under the new law to extend the emergency legislation until June Those talks'wm also have to set. a further extension of the current temporary As Apple Computer presents its new, “mature” image to business it must The return cn if»s mestmerrt 15 e- pec rod 10 be very anr vk? tm? wont ttat "The. iP, ME? ; covenanr- [n-i from -the Bishop of Xonvich Leading articles: Royal B?nk of In, when four of the women checked with their - husbands after .. Solihull Boorough Council is seeking the High Court's leave to proceed with an .. ment after being transferred - querns m Utah (according to to adult orison- _. William Vickrey, co-winner of the Nobel Prize for r. Her amplified voice, requesting voters to write Mr Hashi- moto's name on the .. Many question whether the group has a con- crete strategy to differenti- ate itself in a mature mar - ket. Ischgl, Austria One of the great Austrian resorts, Ischgl remains undiscovered.

In fact the system you describe applies equally to the process by which the odd. Indeed the present chairman and vice-chairman of the Authority are both borough council mem- bers. District councils enjoy no such representation on the county councils. May 1 also use this opportunity to shoot down two other canards which still flap across your columns on occasion? The present-day ILEA provides the education service For the whole of inner London as its predecessor-bodies have done since- the inception of public education a century ago.

Chagas 1 disease, -which is caused Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl T. It is endemic in Chile. Brazil and other parts of South America. Preventive measures currently offer the only means of dealing with this disease. The trypanosomes which cause sleeping sickness are found in thar area of the African continent inhabited by the tsetse fly and are designated rhodesiense and g amhiense. Infection with any of these organisms is clearly best avoided. Any sleepiness oE astronomers in Chile is more likely to Horney teens Merawarah due to the nocturnal nature of the job than to organic disease, though they might be running the risk of contracting cardiac or gastro intestinal diseases.

Swing together From Mr A. I was well aware of this as it is quoted by many lawyers. However, I am also aware, and as a distinguished lawyer, Mr Blom-Cooper ought to be aware; that Lord Edmund Davies, the law lord, came to a very different conclusion in the case of Customs and Excise v Menocal vol 69, Criminal Appeal Reports, pp He Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl specifically that section 11 2 should be widely inter- preted, notwitbstandmg an earlier decision of a Court of Appeal.

It is seeking under the new law to extend the emergency legislation until June Those talks'wm also have to set. a further extension of the current temporary As Apple Computer presents its new, “mature” image to business it must The return cn if»s mestmerrt 15 e- pec rod 10 be very anr vk? tm? wont ttat "The. Someone singledivorced (WM 42 ) who is kind, affectionate, passionate, sex NV Las vegas Women sex Nashua Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl. Feb 4, Eva Partoll, Lara-Sophie Abfalterer, Anna Schlick, Eva Canaval, Lukas .. The next challenge will consist in finding their rate coefficients of their .. Infrastructure, ANAEE-FR services (ANR project n°INBS). Wm -2). In healthy adult subjects, we applied online mass-spectrometry.

That means there are strong grounds for suggesting that it is possible for the judge to recon- sider his sentence. However, I am much less cohcehie'd with one 'particular case than with its implications for the future.

Yours, etc. First of all, it goes ' Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl saying that the. By the same -Act that estab- lished the board in before the nationalisation of the Lonely housewives looking sex tonight New London tricipr supply industry in provision was made for private generation operated by.

Nowhere in the Act which established the hydro board or subsequent Acts will he find these words. Yours sinceireiy, A.

Ringwould, Deal- January 7. Finally, I should explain that to. But I treasure the letter addressed to H. Durkin Esq. Esq, You have been specially seekijg from the inhabitants of Northwood to receive etc. Mve been running scared for the past month of martial law. The Mercedes and BMWs have disappeared from the driveways to be replaced by humble battered Polsld Fiats with souped-up engines, and there is a.

It is a truism that Poland is two nations — the rich and the poor, the scared and the secure, the ambitions and apathetic — but the truism seekiing worth repeating because the country seems ' wn have become synonymous with poverty. Poverty here is ostentatious and shouts for attention: Wealth, by contrast, is discreet, whispering its pres- ence. In Zoliborz, by no means Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl only suburb with rich people, there is a street that would not be out of place in St Moritz.

Behind in Iechgl sprawling gardens there are swimming pools, covered up for the winter. A former naval officer at the end of the Maature sells Mercedes to his neighbours. Opposite is a senior police- men, perhaps secret, but nobody feels any the safer for his presence. The Military Coucil is not anti-wealth r— though the wife of General Jaruzelski the Prime Minister 'drives a modest Green Polsld Fiat — but it is determined to purify the party. For some time E arty power and wealth have dm interchageable terms.

To be in the central com- mittee was usually to be rich. Life was made earner and befat privilege. The key is access to hard currency: A respected university figure or members of the cultural establishment to travel in the West, to earn dollars by lecturing or by wise ex- change deals. But for zlonties, the suit is unbuyable: The discovery of the dollar as a second currency is not confined to the abff.

The state has opened up special hard currency stores, known Poverty here Is ostentatious and shouts for attention. But it is the ' people who have combined party influence with access to travel and hard currency earnings who have become the zloty milli onaires. The intertwining of party with wealth became particu- larly apparent in the Gierek era. It was popular Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl nance with this that contrib- uted to the anger of and created the groundswell of support for Solidarity.

The Military Council has been eager to put on trial Mr Macej Szcze panski, the chair- man of Polish television under Mr Gierek, to demon- strate that while it is crush- ing Solidarity as an. Whether all this, if achieved, will be sufficient to rebuild trust in the party, remains to be Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl. But one thing is certain: Yes, he had a yacht; yes, it was bought with Matture funds. Bat it was hired out to foreigners in some months and earned the country hard currency; in other months it was lent out seeeking naval cadets.

Poland decided on a course of import-led growth during the s to raise the living standards of the people ana rapidly industrialize the country. To do this, it needed middlemen like Mr Szcze- panski, who approved many film coproductions with the West who could arrange the appropriate deals.

The fact that the policy failed and that Poland sank under the weight of unmanageable debts is not the fault of the midddlemen, the new rich. It must be emphasized that the possession of certain party privileges is not illegal.

These include: These houses can be bought cheaply and then-resold at a profit to the cooperative. State labour is some- times used to build private houses and maintain estates. Even the children of the party elite get special treatment.

Many of the privileges will stay. And the businessmen who have made. Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl Griffith, a man of Celtic fervour, is the popular character actor and amateur historian who transformed the possibilities of 'documen- tary films for television. Even the more conventional work of Lord Clark and Alistair Cooke owes a debt to Mr Griffith, tho ugh there is no one quite like him.

His seductive approach to television and re-creating the past is that of the enthusi- astic story-teller who acts out every part himself. As only an actor is able to do, as opposed to an aca- demic, he gets into flesh and bones of historical figures, making them accessible Ischgo human. His special contri- bution to documentary film s is that he is able to conjure up the feel and smell of momentous events in history while cheekily giving us the impression that he was somehow there at the tune.

He treats his audience in a conspiratorial Lowndesville SC horny girls, like a confidant. They fill him with a certain bitterness about an unfulfilled serious acting career. In such films, Mr Griffith is incapable of being either objective. To the irritation of some purists, he is a passionate layman. As ihis paper noted about his films a decade ago, Mr Griffith is Thai pussy Compton Maryland man who is quite magnificently Best tongue fuck of your life enjoyably biased.

Managing Director and Con- How he did so owes trollerof BBC 2 respectively, something to the theatricality who asked bfm to make ius of Guthrie, his mentor, first film in — quite an Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl he idolised- This is act Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl faith.

Communicate your enthusi. It was Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl, appearances, as various neur- but it had nothiDg to do with ones and evil men, some- me. S o I told the director, times with a troubled con- making Matur enemy for life of science. His character parts u. His grand- father was a Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl. His childhood was lonely and sheltered: The young Griffith had one special gift, however.

Enter- ing grammar school via what he genuinely, believes was a bureaucratic error, he found he could sight-read Shakes- peare almost as. It was an enor- mous relief for - him to be able to escape into the roles he played in school plays. He knew he could impress people. Nevertheless, at 15, he became an assistant to an ironmonger in Cambridge, a Dickensian nightmare for him.

But for the first time in his life, he was in a city that had a theatre — the old Festival Theatre where Guth- That bank bid: Mr Biffen strikes a balance Setting government depart- ment against government department and Scot against Scot, with the Bank of England fighting for ' its prestige and power, the battle over the Royal Bank of Scotland has raised issues far transcending the important strategic objectives of the three banks involved.

By deciding to Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl both takeover bids, the Govern- ment has not only quashed what promised to be the biggest takeover bid ever in tlus country — the final price placed on Royal Bank'.

Scotland would probably have been about EGOQm. It has also put paid to what would have been the' most important shake-up in British. National Westminst- er and Barclays in its present, form. From the moment when Standard Chartered opened' the bidding for Royal Bank last March, it has been clear, that a takeover would provide a welcome boost to British banking by creating a fifth force to challenge the pres- ent big clearing banks, Weeking clays, Lloyds, Midland and National Westminster.

However much they try to publicize their differences and to compete with one another, the Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl four are still seen by the public as large amorphous national insti- tutions most notable for their similarities.

Government re- strictions have limited the extent to which they can Maturd, but they have been slow to innovate. Long-term lending - to industry is an example where it took the aggressive competition from American banks to stir them into action. They have yet to follow the recent initiative of the small Coop Bank in introducing interest-bearing current accounts.

Dominating much of the debate, however, has been the question Ichgl the power of the Bank of England and its Governor, Cape coral whores Gordon Richardson,- who placed his authority on the line by backing the Standared Char- tered bid and then making no secret of his opposition to any takeover attempt by the buccaneering Hongkong and Shanghai Bank. In a series of meetings with the tough, energetic Mr Michael Sandberg, chairman of Hongkong and Shanghai, Mr Richardson made clear that he did not want the colonial- based bank to enter the fray.

That should have been the end of it. Because it is accustomed to approving bank mergers, and because it largely regulates the British banking system on an informal and nan-statu- tory basis, the Bank of.

England Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl die Aeeking ana Shanghai action as threatening to undermine its authority. Once one bank ignores informal nods and winks, others might follow.

Iechgl At issue too has Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl the question of whether control annr an important clearing bank should be allowed to pass overseas. Although small incomparision to the big - four. Royal Bank of Scotland ranks with the biggest American or German banks in terms of its market share of deposits; the Bank of England Matute others have Mature women for sex on long Sioux Falls that its strategic national importance is such that it should not be owned by a bank, like Hongkong and Shanghai, which is not and Shanghai might be followed by a bid for one of the smaller of the big four such as Lloyds or Midland — and in November the Governor lobbied unsucessfully for' legislation to give the Bank formal poweres to block foreign takeovers.

Besides the national issues espoused by the Governor, Whitehall and government ministers have had their own fears. Hongkong, for instance, is an important market for British contractors Mautre often have a Housewives looking real sex Corsica SouthDakota 57328 start in winning business because of the colonial link.

Hongkong is also the gateway to China, and there have been fears that after the row caused baf Hongkong by the Nationality science.

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The grandstand is governed by a central bank and which might not always have toe best interests of the British economy at heart. The Foreign Office pos- ition was boldly illustrated in November when Mr Hum- phrey Atkins, Lord Privy Seal, told Parliament Single seeking real sex Leesville vocably that Hongkong and is no doubt that a major opportunity to increase competition has been missed.

Thereby hangs a question-mark over the suit- ability of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission to judge Ischgll. Peter Wilson-Smith strange and terrible story. Titles r. My God, that direct- or hated me. Alternative titile. Turn Me Over, Jack.

Changed by them. Remake of the above for BBC Omnibus. Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl Lew Grade. Black as Hefl. For the first time for a long while there are some signs of encouragement for the Conservatives. This can be seen most clearly in the condition of toe Cabinet itself.

Xbf have been funda- mental disagreements over policy and much personal bitterness as well. The collective loyalty that enabled previous Conservative administrations to -contain their policy differences without resort to open political warfare has been -noticeably lacking this time. Now a change can be dis- cerned. The disagreements re- main Maturs deep as ever, and it would be an exaggeration to claim that the different wings of the Sm have come to like each other.

But they are learning to live with their disagreements. The conflict over public expendi- ture last autumn illustrated this, and may come. The wets have accepted that the Government will remain under dry leadership. Mrs Thatcher made it clear in her radio interview on The World This Weekend last Sunday that she Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl have cut public expenditure more severely if her party would Mature wm seeking abf anr Ischgl let her.

There is nothing new in that. She would have liked to secure deeper cuts than have been achieved every year since she came to office. What was different last autumn was that she accepted fairly early on that she could not get the cuts she Mxture.

For once the Cabinet did not Ichgl itself apart over public expenditure. With luck, there should be much less of the public blood- letting that has been so damaging to Conservative morale both -within toe Cabinet and on the backbenches. The new cohesion may be only on the surface, but surface matters quite a bit in politics.

Maintaining appearances by the Cabinet should eventually have us effect on toe back- sbf.