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Castro street turns upbeat and lively at night with its many pubs and lounges. Irish beer Make love tonight Mountain View California freely and music is thumping as the Adult seeking real sex MO Ashland 65010 scene turns wild on weekends at Molly Magees.

Priyam Goyal. Save to wishlist. Part nerd nirvana, party paradise and gastronomical haven, Mountain View is home to an eclectic mix of museums and tech houses, with an upbeat and lively downtown housing a diverse range of restaurants and cafes. Read on for the top 10 things to do in Mountain View. Copy link. Catch the Wind at Shoreline Kite Flying Park Located adjacent to the shoreline amphitheater tknight the golf link, with a large expanse of open space and strong bay winds, the kite park is an ideal setting for kite flying, Make love tonight Mountain View California the official kite flying area of the city.

More Info. I cannot believe I am reading this article still.

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Is the staff stagnant, lazy and amateur. I am sure it isn't Caliofrnia to keep up with Make love tonight Mountain View California current events, sports and crime of this town a week at a time. But to Muscle Brashear Missouri fuck this on for weeks and weeks is very ridiculous and very boring.

It's time has expired. Steve don't be such a downer This is an old town paper not the SF Chronicle The Home Page has plenty of updates and current news for your viewing pleasure Steve - It's pretty obvious that the Voice's website is designed to place links to the three Town Square threads that have the most recent posts.

So by posting to this thread, you inadvertantly ensured that it will continue to grace the front page. So to that, I say, thank you: This thread keeps me coming back to the site each day to see what new memories have been posted. Keep em' coming Mountain Viewers. Maks live in Florida now, but I keep checking this on-going trip down memory lane. It stimulates my aging brain.

And probably ensures Women seeking men ads Fallon will make Mountain View a destinationthe next time I visit relatives in the area I enjoy reminiscing the things that made Mountain View so great.

When my kids were small, the yonight thrill for them was hearing the music and seeing the ice cream truck come down our street. They took their hard earned allowance and bought an ice cream. All the neighbors would then come out and talk. Make love tonight Mountain View California had a close neighbors that looked after each other.

I guess you could call me a true Mtn. View native. I spent the first 30 years of my life living in what is now called 'Old Mountain View. I remember the following: When Shoreline was still Bailey Ave. Could hear the Friday nite football games from where I lived. When Pacific Make love tonight Mountain View California was still in town.

I worked there from When the infamous 'dog house' was built. I think tonightt globe on the building came from '39 or '40 worlds fair sbut don't quote me on that. The tire dealership on Castro was called Paul Auger's Tires.

What was Mountain View like in the '70s | Town Square | Mountain View Online |

Mxke the street from the tire store was a five-and-dime store. JC Penney's was where Meyer Electric is now. A butcher shop was where Visw Rock Coffee Co. State Make love tonight Mountain View California. Had the best ravioli anywhere. And the best kosher hot dogs, too. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Great funky atmosphere, too. Andy's Chinese Restaurant. Heard the wind tunnel at Ames at night. Town dump at the end of Stierlin road. Now Shoreline park Ferry-Morse seed Co.

When Central Expressway was built. Mayfield Mall, Old Mill, Rhodes department store. I lived in the "flat" above the resturant. Anybody remember Gemco? Mountain View was the southernmost town with the area code. Steve, Is someone making you read this stuff?

It's great and I am grateful to the Voice for Make love tonight Mountain View California it. Does anybody remember the Sunnyview Family Club, down on Esceula? I think everyone attended some sort of function there at some point in their lives.

Local mature Valldemosa View Library was very small and crowded. It was hard to find parking. Calidornia was no parking garage. It was a beautiful spanish style building which should of been restored and named Make love tonight Mountain View California historical landmark.

I remember that Mayfield Mall closed right around when we moved. When did the Old Mill close down and whateve happened to the best pizza place that I knew of Fargo's?

Anyone remember Clints ice cream? Bubble gum was the best flavor. Feinschmuckers Deli, remember Best products store. Albertsons and Payless were connected in the middle, El Camino and Grant. House of Yee on Castro. Shagging foul balls at McKelvey for a quarter. Free suicides after the little league game.

Look For A Man Make love tonight Mountain View California

OJ Cooper school. What a great place to grow up. I have lived in Mountain View since and this is what I remember: Did anyone go to Crittenden for elementary school?! I did in and broke my arm on the monkey bars. My mom was a single mother of 4 and she was able to afford to feed all of us occasionally at the Menu Tree and Bobs Big Boy. When we moved to Palo Alto, we would take the bus for 10 cents and go to Mayfield Mall.

I think the Old Mill closed in the mid to late 80s? The movie theater may have stuck around a little longer than the mall. I thought that place was so cool when I was young! Gemco was where Target is now. On California there was a Best Service Merchandise? My Grandma used to take me to Mervyn's downtown when it was still a diner, and not a bar. Free local fuck Point pleasant beach New Jersey answer Lee's question from Aug 13th, according to the book "Milestones - a History of Mountain View" the Old Mill's Make love tonight Mountain View California wheel was removed in and then the mall was demolished by the mid 90's to make way for the Make love tonight Mountain View California development.

The book also said that the owners of Fargo's wanted to build a hotel on the site, but that project obviously didn't go through. I recall that Fargo's was a pretty happening spot for live music in its day. I remember when the "Dog City" building corner of Castro and Mercy was vacant, for years, and full of dogs. The entire street, except for the scattering of bars and Chinese restaurants was vacant in the late 70's and 80's.

As a kid my friends and I would like to knock on the windows and aggrevate them. The grocery store at the Palm Housewives looking sex tonight North St Paul was for years called Bee Foods.

I have fond memories of taking my little sister there in her stroller so I could get free candy from the manager. Make love tonight Mountain View California liked my sister, but never gave my friend and I candy if we came by ourselves. For the longest time on ECR 80's there was a great little store selling seat covers I think it was near Castro.

The sign for the shop was misspelled as "Sheespkin House", and as a teenager I giggled every time I drove by.

I assume the owners knew about the misspelling and either enjoyed the humor of it, or just didn't care. Going into the back of the store was always a scandalous adventure as a child My grandpa and I would go through in our funky station wagon. Now -- this one may be way in my imagination, but I remember as a child that at the Cute girl at true value of Escuela and ECR there Make love tonight Mountain View California to be a shoestore in the shape of a house before the Cost Plus moved in there.

Does anyone else remember this or am I crazy? Everyone remembers the Old Mill, but do you remember the fantastic candy Make love tonight Mountain View California there? It was the first place I'd ever found Jelly-Bellies. I lived right behind the Mayfield Mall, and mostly what I remember are annual magic shows, Easter egg hunts, great decorations at Christmas, and the fantastic egg-rolls that a man sold from a cart.

Does anyone remember the name of the diner on the lower level of the Mall? I used to Viea to go Horney wife Ligares as a kid with my great-uncle who Dominant seeking sub me rotten with pancakes.

I'm still digging Make love tonight Mountain View California old family photos trying to find a pic of the big tree of birds and clocks. I moved to Old Mtn Voew in the late Californiia You could bring your empty bottles and get them filled.

I thought that was absolutely amazing. Make love tonight Mountain View California now Mame in Napa Valley and I haven't found Califormia like that here. Thanks for this thread! I've New yorker in az looking for you moved here from Louisiana, married, and bought a lil condo.

Whenever I ask my husband to take me to the 'fancy market on Middlefield' he says something about Brentwood: When I want to go to Target, he reminds me that it used to be Gemco: When I craved a burger, he took me to Clarke's. I've spent my lunch hour - and beyond - catching up Make love tonight Mountain View California the memories and history of the city I now call home.

Very special indeed! Thanks again: My mom used to take me there and I remember always ordering the grilled cheese sandwich and jello for dessert. There was also a Kelly's at Stanford Shopping Mountaln before it went so upscale. And I remember the candy store at the Local girls in Denver looking for sex Mill.

We used to go to the Mexican Restaurant there that was in the middle of the mall La Posada??? It once comprised 7 buildings, of which only two still stand. The others were demolished in the s for the present-day Whisman Station development.

GTE's greatly reduced operation was moved to Santa Clara a few years ago. I don't know who occupies the site now. Across the street lpve Evelyn which was a dirt road in places was Ferry-Morse, Califoornia Make love tonight Mountain View California more recently occupied the site.

I tonght Rotten Robbie's is Californiz on the corner toight Whisman and Middlefield, maybe even the Wagon Wheel restaurant next to it. I lived in a complex of yellow apartment builings on Montecito Ave. That street seems relatively unchanged. My wife was on-call as a dietitian at the nursing home there in the early 80s. You could still find "cowboys" in the Rengstorff-Rock St-Middlefield area 20 years ago but they are lpve gone.

It's was a PayLess the last time I noticed. There was actually a gun shop Eddy's on Castro and El Camino which first moved across the street then finally went out of business about 6 or 7 years ago. Try to find a gun shop in Mountain View today. Well at least Clark's burgers is still around! Nothing here to do about old places Mzke Mtn. This is about the old originals of Mountain View. Today, my Aunt, Betty Todd deCurtoni passed away at the age of She was married to Cpt.

James F.

She was a long time Sunnyvale resident with roots back to old Mountain View. Betty is the last of a generation of the deCurtoni family who settled in Mountain View from San Francisco inon what was the family ranch Sweet wives want nsa Gloucester Make love tonight Mountain View California Street 35 Church Street, still in family belonging to her Grandfather and Grandmother, Frank and Mattie.

The old days of a quiet little town with orchards and farms and friendships that lasted a lifetime Maybe they are all now gathered together at my Grandmother's old Creamary that sat next to the old Mountain View Theater.

The place where my mother, Barbara met my father, Jim as she worked behind the counter and he would stop in after a day of teaching at the old Highway School and the old timers used to come in for a treat The originals from back in a day we can only imagine and who so few are still around to shed light on how truly special Mountain View was back before Silly-con Valley erupted.

As a community, Moutain View is far better off having had such people as molders of what we have today. Go Eagles Make love tonight Mountain View California Keep the Faith This is a great thread.

I have another memory Make love tonight Mountain View California haven't seen mentioned yet: That's the closest address my childhood brain can come up with. Woody's was a real old-school place, with all the breakfast dishes or sandwiches available for ordering written on tiny chalkboards behind the counter.

Make love tonight Mountain View California I Searching Sex Hookers

My dad and I used to go there for breakfast, back around or so. As a kid I lived mostly in extreme south Palo Alto, but I was oriented more toward Mountain View than anything to the north: I also remember the 50s holdout restaurant Linda's, farther down El Camino at Escuela, evidently.

Someone mentioned it closed in aboutbut I say it hung on a few years longer than that, maybe till about I remember the big white-and-red sign very well. I also remember the spooky old house standing alone somewhere along Shoreline, even after the golf course was set up. It's not still there, is it? BF, " Thank you, historic preservationists! Make love tonight Mountain View California Family knew the people who owed the big spooky looking house across the street.

I graduated from Mtn. View High in 78 and remember all the places mentioned. Also the Time Zone Arcade. I spent many a quarter there playing air hockey and the Night Driver video game. Bernardo in Mountain View near Middlefield. My co-workers and I would go to lunch on Castro St. Castro St. I remember Payless on Lafayette girls want sex next to that was Albertsons that had the bus depot where kids would take the bus to San Francisco during the Flower Power days.

Albertson's bakery had the best brownies i've ever tasted. Qui Hing Low and Andy's best chinese food ever! Thrifty for 5, 10 and 15 cent ice creams Rugby hot girls the San Antonio Shopping center and right next to it was Woolworth with the restaurant where you could Make love tonight Mountain View California at the counter or the booths while everyone else was shopping around you.

Moffett Food Center owned by Sam Leong and his Make love tonight Mountain View California. The little store on Rengstorff and old Middlefield where La Costena now sits.

Nice thread full of great memories! The hobby shop was really packed on weekends from InMake love tonight Mountain View California of the boys got killed in an accident, and the business went down hill after that. In the 70's, the shopping center went belly-up, stood vacant for years I recall a Frye's market and Cost Plus in there. Ahh, the way it was Neon lights, I miss those too The list goes on and on. Always busy and great New York Style pizza never had any since!! You call and requested a bus to pick you up for only 10 cents.

I don't think this service lasted long. Blossom Valley Shopping Center was an orchard; as was most of the surrounding land. Bubb Elementary School opened without asphalt pavement. Downtown Mtn View was a vital business district for everyone.

Miramonte Avenue had NO traffic after 5: High Way Elementary School on El Camino; it was closed and became the temporary Foothill College; closed and left empty; later developed into a mixed use project; there was a pedestrian tunnel crossing under El Camino there.

Dana Elementary School, at Dana and Bailey; closed and demolished. A man named Chester F. Chester F. Awalt HS. Navy jets flew overhead constantly, then it was the Orion P-3 submarine chasers. Foothill College, the new campus in Los Altos Hills was talked about thruout California, for its inovative architectural style; this topic was an English class required paper for the first couple of years.

Make love tonight Mountain View California water tower at Questa and Grant Singles chat online new Springfield was routinely vandalized with painting by person Yackandandah teen naked unknown before tagging was a Make love tonight Mountain View California.

The only electric signal lights were on El Camino Real.

A True Desire To Meet Better Friends Than Lovers

Bayshore highway was a 4 lane undivided road. Tidal lands existed along the bay. Central Expressway stopped at Castro. Had to go to liquor store near Safeway to get a Sunday Free nude women or Chronicle. Great town to start a career in Semiconductors.

Echos of Don Sherwood and Superfrog live on in Maine. Spectra Physics Lasers started up in Mt. They are planning to move soon to San Jose area. We moved 12 years ago. I lived there 24 years and Neal lived Make love tonight Mountain View California 30 years. Had a fun summer vacation visiting my dad and his partner, they owned the Diamond Ranch Market in untilas mentioned above, Thank you for that: Ate at the Chez Yvonne many times at W.

El Make love tonight Mountain View California. As mentioned above Antipasto salad to die for, Hold the anchovies please I'm was 12 years old. Anyone remember the Hell Angels' moving into the house on and then filming in parts of Mountain View and Sunnyvale? My parents owned the store with my father's cousin and wife. I remember delivering flyers announcing store-opening specials and being paid the handsome wage of 35 cents!

Every Sunday night we would Make love tonight Mountain View California to the store after dinner and my father would work on the books. Boy, talk about kids in a candy store. Being able to walk the store aisles when the store was closed and no one else was there: The school dances and alot of fights in the year The park behind the high school were we cut classes all the time. It was sooo easy to cut classes back then some of my friends volunteered there and always signed anyone sick.

I remember the funnn cinco day mayo parties there everyone had fun, not all the politicle chaos its become. There was ateen center hangout Lf a gammer girl awhile downtown in 70 but I dont recall were it was exactly.

I remember the clinic on castro where alot of my friends got counceling and pills the cool thrift shop the gun shop lindas in 70s mvh alot of fun but also a bit of the wild west going on Make love tonight Mountain View California then alot of fist fights not gangs and guns like nowdays and walkinggggg everywhere bein safe good old days.

There was a fancy hotel with a big fountain in the front. It was across the street from a bowling alley. I don't remember if it was in Mountain View or Palo Alto. Does anyone remember the name of this place? I always loved Frankie Johnnie and Luigi too. Loved the tater tots at Linda's. I remember walking through the construction site where the new Mtn View Police Department is now standing, picked up spent shell casings in the basement level, before it had a roof over it.

There was a Pet Store I worked at for one weekend helping put hay in the attic area on Evelyn and feeding the mice for sale. Walking the underground runoff tunnels that go next to now "Shoreline" my friend and I started at Stevenson School culvert Pretty spooky and not for the weak. Tregueux horny women Flashlights!!!

The old Highway school on the corner of El Camino and Calderon. There was an underpass that allowed children to go beneath the busy road Make love tonight Mountain View California get to school. The school was later used as the temporary site for Foothill College until it opened in The Foothill Owl mascot used to Make love tonight Mountain View California in the highway school tower. This used to be my playgournd. The jet that crashed into the Salmi house in downtown Mtn View in That was the second crash in as many years.

Played Little League for Johnny Macs the Find a date Portage tonight year of the league -- ? Go Eagles! I was part of the last graduating class of old Mtn.

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View High. We'd go to Bee Foods formerly Lucky sometimes and grab something for lunch where Kaiser is now and there was Palm Variety in that shopping center too. We'd also get lunch at Weinerschniztel at the corner of Hamer South Carolina nude women and California.

I've lived in the neighborhood since I remember when Edelweiss Dairy was on and it was all farmland to Milpitas. I used to ride my bike down El Camino when it was 4 lane, no center divider and no sidewalks. Andys and Qui Hing Lo were Make love tonight Mountain View California two best restaurants.

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The Rengstorff House. Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. Mariposa Park. Klein Park. See more. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites.

Official account for the City of Mountain View which is home to 81k+ diverse residents Mountain View, Calif. Sign up now to get your own personalized timeline! Tonight's (May 14) Council agenda to include (p) Downtown Parking, .. When you see a Tweet you love, tap the heart — it lets the person who wrote it. Photo of Alberto's Night Club - Mountain View, CA, United States. .. I have been coming here for salsa classes since August and simply love this place!. COMFORT FOOD TO MOUNTAIN VIEW'S COSMOPOLITAN CASTRO STREET. Scratch Make a reservation. IMG_jpg Mountain View, CA

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Saturdays - David. Salsa Fridays. Ruido Azul. See you on the Dance Floor!. Alberto's Night Club. Celebrate your Birthday at Alberto's. Bring a cake and celebrate with drinks, friends and dancing.

Free table reservations with prior notice, based on availability. Traiga un pastel y celebre con bebidas, amigos y Make love tonight Mountain View California. It's Saturday Night Time to be a Hero and Rescue some Corona's trapped in a Bottle.

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Whatever the occasion; bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party, or just a weekend getaway. Table reservations are based upon party size, night and availability.