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Looking for a compatible friend or Golden

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Then there is almost always a statement about how any two personality types can make a relationship work if they try hard enough.

Of course, this sentiment is true. Lookibg can have happy relationships with any personality type. However, some types will probably be more compatible with INFJs than others.

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INFJs seek specific qualities from partners and friends. We value intelligence, honesty, authenticity, creativity, passion, and kindness.

Of course, there are other qualities we look for, but that depends Goldrn on the individual INFJ. This article is based on my own personal experience as an INFJ and the relationships I have formed with other Myers-Briggs personality types. This information may not apply to every INFJ, or the other personality types I have described below, but it is based Looking for a compatible friend or Golden the patterns of behavior I have observed in my lifetime.

I am hoping Fuck garden hidden through this article, I can provide a little insight into how INFJs feel about other personality types. Extroverts are exciting and stimulating to be around. INFJs are often mistaken for extroverts, as we are incredibly interested in people and forming relationships with them.

Extroverts allow us the socialization that we crave and they push us outside of our Looking for a compatible friend or Golden zone from time to time. Most of my closest relationships have been with extroverts, because we balance each other in a complementary way.

I love that they are always willing to spend time with me. Some extroverted personality types are less social than others, and these are the ones I mesh with the best. They are social and talkative, but they also respect my need for quiet and calm environments.

Looking for a compatible friend or Golden Look People To Fuck

What I love most about them is that they are truly free spirited. They bring out the aspects of my personality that are also free thinking, independent, and creative.

Due to their magnificent intuitive abilities, ENFPs know when and how to approach more reserved personalities. They are sensitive to social situations and love Looking for a compatible friend or Golden with all types of people.

ENFPs make life a little brighter for everyone they encounter. Knowing your type can help you leverage your natural strengths.

Take the free test from our partner Personality Hacker.

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Most of my closest friends are ENFJs. We are equally passionate and concerned about similar issues, but we go about our passions in different ways. ENFJs have, for lack of a better term, strong personalities.

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INFJs have strong convictions, but those convictions are not on display for the world to see. For all of you extroverts out there with an INFJ friend or loved one, please GGolden in mind that we value our solitude.

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We may require a lot more alone time than you can comprehend. It is best to give us our space and to not take it personally. I think the most glaringly obvious advantage to having a relationship with an introvert is that they understand our need for solitude.

It is comforting beyond words when another person understands your quiet Looking for a compatible friend or Golden and does not question you when you are lost in thought.

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I have befriended several introvert personality types in my lifetime. These are the friends that meet me at a coffee shop, or lounge around watching movies or reading all day. There is very little energy exerted when I am with other frjend. In fact, some of them give me more energy.

In friiend experience as an INFJ, other introverted types that I get along with well include the following:. Ah, the INTJ. They are quick-witted, intelligent, and decisive. They do not let emotions stand in their way and rely on logic above all else. This is precisely how we are different and also why I value their personality so much.

Some may view their lack of emotion to be cold or distant, but when viewed from a different perspective, they are actually very loving and thoughtful people. The INFPs in my life can drive me a little up the wall with their lack of planning and punctuality mundane tasks bore thembut all in all, I admire them.

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INFPs are bright and beautiful people to be around. Forever the ultimate idealists, they see things through rose-colored glasses. They remain optimistic and value harmony in their relationships. They are reserved with their thoughts and feelings, but this does not mean that they do not care.

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They care deeply, especially about the people they are close to and the things they are passionate about. They are creative people with a depth of insight. Enter a Breathtaking Inner World. The first coloring book with an introvert theme is here.

From the creator of Introvert, Dear. Learn more. This person played a significant role in my life.

When we met, we immediately felt comfortable together, and I felt understood for the first time in my life. Honorary mention goes to other INFJs!

I Am Search Nsa Looking for a compatible friend or Golden

We get along with one another almost seamlessly. I love meeting Gklden INFJs. You inspire me. Really, any two personality types can absolutely make a relationship work.

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Want to learn more about INFJ relationships? Check out these great INFJ resources from our partner site.

Did you enjoy this article? Sign up for our newsletters to get more stories like this. Read this: Amelia Brown is a twenty-something free spirited type who enjoys writing, reading, and interacting with Looking for a compatible friend or Golden. She feels she cannot be a complete human without a cup of coffee in the morning. She is constantly seeking sources of inspiration and her biggest wish is to inspire someone else. She is a contributing writer for Introvert, Dear.