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Confession i want my hot secretary

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Respect and trust used to be the most important characteristic we shared. I am waiting to explore hopefully you are too.

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I started working a new job on Monday. I had to start at 8 and when I arrived I was almost shitting bricks because I was so nervous.

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My new boss greeted me and showed me around and I couldn't focus, so I asked him where the restrooms where and that was a really wise choice. My butt did not Confession i want my hot secretary hit the throne yet when the worst case of diarrhea I ever had Confession i want my hot secretary.

It was disgusting and took me around 15 minutes to Online Adult Dating bi 48 look 30 seeking same, but I felt better afterwards.

My boss was waiting for me in the room in front of the restrooms and I can only hope that he did not hear anything! But when I got out I swear he was kind of smirking.

So boys and girls, I recommend eating a lot of fibers before starting a new job! My boss found out and blackmailed me into sleeping with him.

Last weekend he tied me to his bed and kept me there all weekend.

I Am Search For A Man Confession i want my hot secretary

He let me go on Sunday evening. On Monday he called me into his office and he fucked me from behind against his desk. My boss m54 keeps sending me f23 racy emails.

He keeps asking me to suck him off under his desk or tells me that he wants to fuck my brains out. What should I do? Someone help please. First off shame on your boss.

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If I were you what I would do is keep ignoring his emails, and Local mature woman needing sex him for sexual harassment especially if it's a big company you'd bake banks from the lawsuit. I'm a guy and I too think you should sue his ass. He's Confession i want my hot secretary creep and will likely prey on other women if you don't put an end to his harassment.

Good luck. So, I work at a retail story for about 3 years as a cashier. Confessipn

I guess you could say it was like starting to watch Friends in the fifth season: You don't Why I'd Never Be 'the Other Man' Again: A Confession. Share your stories, secrets, or sexual confessions online anonymously. If you need to get something off your chest, this is the place to do it!. Read office stories, secrets and confessions | Page 1. Of course, I am all smiles and friendly, because I only want to share my good stuff, ya know? She always.

Two months after I started I got friendly and flirted hto the assistant manager of my department, she was 28 at the time, mom of three kids, blonde, nice body especially her ass was large and firm. So after my shift ended, she asked me if I wanted to eat dinner at her place. I said sure and so Confession i want my hot secretary went her place, during dinner she drank lot of wine and I only drank a wznt.

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After dinner she was drunk, I carried her to her room wamt laid on her bed. As I was about leave her room, she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. Face to face she asked me to fuck Confession i want my hot secretary, that it's been so long since a man has made love to her.

Since her exboyfriend left a year ago, I couldn't belive what Confessiob said and I lost myself to my lust and fucked her for 4 hours.

Confession i want my hot secretary

I came inside her several times, when I woke up in the morning I saw that she was still asleep by my side. Decided before she woke up to fuck her again, as I was she woke up and asked me what I was doing.

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I replied sarcastically "I'm marking my property and that Secretarry want you to have my babies", she was shocked at first Local horney wives in Wogamia then Confession i want my hot secretary respond "I'm yours and that I could use her body whenever and however I wanted". So basically everyday I would go to her place, fuck her for hours and finish inside her; within the month she got pregnant and told me that I didn't need to help her out with the baby.

So now she has had 2 babies of mine and she's now 6 months along with the third. Every time I go to her place she has a big smile and always Confession i want my hot secretary that she is happy whenever I fuck her and fill her up, that she has wamt her purpose as my sex toy who gives birth to my babies. Feel bad that I might have caused her to mentally break and think like that now.

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We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium. Boss Confessions Boss confession stories and sins. Confession Stories Confessions Current: Views Recent Upvoted Comments.

Embarrassment job new boss diarrhea embarrassing nervous butt wecretary. Report Please login to report. Abuse blackmail sex boss. Is this a fantasy or what? Give me his name and address. Lust problem sex boss help affair.

YOU should report that!!

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Sex impregnation pregnant boss blonde. Bruh I think you did too. I hate my life! I hate my wifeI am miserable.

Hate hate furious wife job boss miserable. Page You're on page 1 2 3 4 5 page.