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Company of an attractive woman

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Mar 25, "For women there are certain contexts in which they don't seem to benefit from their beauty," researcher Leah Sheppard. In the eyes of both men and women, attractive female businesswomen are seen as less trustworthy and less truthful -- a phenomenon researchers dubbed the "femme. Mar 25, According to a new study, attractive women are seen as less trustworthy than their peers at work. Sep 30, Flirting with an attractive woman really does make men feel good, scientists find, as they discover it causes a surge in health-giving hormones.

March 25 UPI -- Like many professional fields, women remain underrepresented in business -- and women that are in business deal with a variety of challenging biases. According to a new study, attractive businesswomen face extra challenges.

Previous research efforts have suggested attractive women are perceived as too feminine for traditionally masculine roles, but new surveys showed the biases facing attractive businesswomen are more complex. Atttractive the eyes of both men and women, attractive female businesswomen are seen as less Company of an attractive woman and less truthful -- a phenomenon researchers dubbed the "femme fatale effect.

Previous studies have shown attractiveness to offer a variety of benefits. The latest research -- published in the journal Sex Roles -- complicates the notion. We Company of an attractive woman say that that's generally true. The goddess Circe and her sirens -- infamous for seducing Homer's Odysseus and keeping him from his wife for more than a year -- were the original femme fatales.

The stereotype has persisted for millennia. Sheppard and Stefanie Johnson, an associate professor of management at the University of Colorado, began their research by selecting "professional women" images using Google search results.

The two researchers had participants on Amazon 's Mechanical Turk, an online crowdsourcing platform, rate the attractiveness of each businesswoman. During a series of surveys, Sheppard and Johnson had participants rate the truthfulness qoman women and men delivering the news of company layoffs.

Company of an attractive woman of their professional background, the most attractive women were deemed less trustworthy.

Company of an attractive woman I Am Want Cock

Whether the fictional females bearing bad news were announcing layoffs at a tech startup or Cmpany hospital, survey participants found attractive female employees less truthful. In another study, researchers presented participants with similar fictional Company of an attractive woman scenarios, but first, Sheppard and Johnson had participants think about a time when they were in a committed relationship and were confident that their romantic partner entirely faithful.

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The goal of the exercise was to prime the participants' "sexual security. For the final test, researchers primed some participants to feel sexually secure and others to feel sexually insecure, and then asked them to consider whether or not a female employee deserved to be fired.

Jun 23, But they have spent much less time uncovering the reverse: what makes women attractive to men. Let's not even get started on the dearth of. While many female CEOs head up companies that women love, such as They are super successful and wildly attractive, but sadly, many are also married. May 3, It takes a special type of person to be the first woman to join a company. And the larger the company gets with little to no women, the harder it.

Sexually primed participants were less likely to call for the firing of attrcative employee regardless of the female's level of attractiveness. Sexually insecure participants were more likely to call for the attractive female to be let go.

Sheppard and Johnson suggest evolutionary pressures underly the femme fatale effect. Females may instinctively see attractive females as competition for mates, while men may be concerned an Companh female would be unfaithful.

Study authors claim the negative effects of stereotypes attractibe be blunted by speaking more openly about stereotypes and gendered expectations, but research suggests most people prefer to avoid the subject.

It's just that trust is probably going to form a bit more slowly. Science News.

By Brooks Hays. Men and women find attractive businesswomen less trustworthy and less truthful than less attractive female colleagues, according to a new study. Topics Google Amazon.

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