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Growing up, I hated Baton Rouge.

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The city has seen a revival the way many mid-sized cities across the U. Louisianans, Baton Rougeans in particular, will take any excuse to throw down, and each season brings with it parades, festivals, parties and cook-offs.

Despite having lived here my whole life, I always find new things to explore.

I tried to emphasize the hip and trendy new spots while including not-to-be-missed Baton Rouge classics. Stop on by. Spanish Town Historic District is home to pastel painted hwre homes with charm, and the neighborhood pride of its residents is unmatched.

Photo by Lauren Duhon. In the last few years Baton Rouge, like many medium-sized cities, has seen a major come up, with city wide hre to remove blight and increase Any non Baton rouge girls around here and green spaces popping up monthly. The city is big enough to have a nightlife, an art scene and a number of events going on to keep locals constantly entertained, yet the pace is slow enough to suit those with families who live in the suburbs and come to the city to play. Mid City, the Garden District and Spanish town tend to be the most affordable areas with access to all there is to do in Baton Rouge.

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The cost of living in Baton Rouge is relatively inexpensive; according to recent data, the cost of living in Baton Rouge is nine percent lower than the national average. Unfortunately, Baton Rouge consistently ranks in the top 10 worst-paying cities for womenespecially for aroujd of color.

Roll up Any non Baton rouge girls around here your lesbro brunch squad and combine forces with other amigays. Photo by Baylea Jones. The dating scene for lesbians and queer girls in Baton Rouge is small and inextricably linked to the New Orleans dating scene.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Baton Rouge : Home

In its corridors, infamous Governor Huey P. Long was shot and killed. Conservative elective officials elected by a conservative majority dominate the state and local government in Louisiana, and it can be difficult to see any legislative progress for LGBT people despite the best efforts of some amazing advocacy groups working hard to make changes. Because of the discrimination roouge lack of legal protections for LGBT people in Baton Rouge, the local queer community is Looking for sexy lady while in town strong.

Anecdotally, a lesbian couple I know who recently moved to the Northeast said they were considering moving back to Louisiana because they miss how strong the community is Any non Baton rouge girls around here.

Photo from Equality Louisiana. Student activism groups feed into adult activism groups, and all activists come together in support of one another. Photo by author. Probably the trendiest spot in Baton Rouge, Radio Bar neighborhood bar exists in what used Nob be an auto shop, with huge garage doors that open up to an outside patio with ping pong tables and a second bar.

Pet and queer friendly, Radio Bar allows bar-goers to select bar tunes through rouuge iPhone app, a modern alternative to putting coins in a juke box. Why do all gay nightclubs look so depressing in the daylight?

Splash Highland Rd Thur-Sat: Splash is one of only three gay bars to survive in Baton Rouge. The shirtless and buff bartenders serve up sugary, weak Any non Baton rouge girls around here drinks to the tune of electronic Adele remixes.

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Also, be forewarned: Louisiana has yet to adopt no smoking policies for bars. If smoking bothers you, skip out on Any non Baton rouge girls around here. With one of the best bar programs in town, Olive or Twist continually whips up creative drinks for the craft cocktail aficionados of Baton Rouge. The cozy, comfy cocktail bar offers a decent selection of small plates perfect for sharing.

The University is the lifeblood of the city, attracting students from across the Southeast region who often wind up settling in Baton Rouge after graduation. The food culture in Baton Rouge, and in Louisiana, cannot be overstated.

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Gastro-tourism Dodson woman sex alive and well here, with tourists flocking in from all over to stuff their bellies full of homestyle Southern fixins and Cajun delicacies.

As someone who works as a food and beverage blogger, I feel pretty qualified to recommend places to eat and drink. This new restaurant concept smokes meat, bacon and sausage in house and serves them on delicious sandwiches or packaged behind the counter. Each month, they cook a whole pig called a cochon de laitbreak it down and serve it buffet style with sides like creamy macaroni and cheese and spicy smothered greens. All three are worth checking out. Within this building lies crispy, golden fried chicken and Any non Baton rouge girls around here sides that speak to the soul.

Baton Rouge - The Color Run™

You better believe the South knows how hdre fry some chicken, and Baon one fries chicken in Baton Rouge like Chicken Shack. The small restaurant serves up heaping mountains of deep fried, spicy chicken and soulful sides all day, every day. Baton Rouge, and the South in general, does not have a reputation for being particularly accommodating to those with dietary restrictions.

Vegetarians and vegans often struggle to find decent meals at restaurants here. The entryway door is perpetually broken, and the interior is so dimly lit you can barely read the menu without breaking out a flashlight. Spaghetti and meatballs with bottle of red wine is my go-to. Any non Baton rouge girls around here s by Lauren Duhon.

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Louisianans will take any excuse to party. Crawfish season? Cover some tables with newspaper and call 50 of your closest friends.

I Am Look Sex Contacts Any non Baton rouge girls around here

Mardi Gras? Get drunk for an entire week and beg other adults for plastic beads. Heralded in by the Spanish Town Mardi Gras paradespring time in Baton Rouge means outdoor music, good food, good friends and a cold beer or frozen daiquiri. Events Any non Baton rouge girls around here Live After Fivea free live outdoor concert every Friday, and the Baton Rouge Blues Festa free two-day live music showcase, are just a few of the neverending celebrations Baton Rouge has to offer.

Sydney Blanchard is a South Louisiana writer, Catholic school survivor and typical only child. She now works for a Bite and Booze, a culinary media company. When she's not eating and drinking for a living, she's likely listening to NPR or forcing her girlfriend to pose for Instagram photos. Follow her pizzagirlfriend.

Mission: To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Great Kids. Lea Vitamin Shoppe · Blog · Charity · Contact Us · Privacy Policy · Terms and Conditions. © The Color Run™, All Rights Reserved. In this guide to Baton Rouge summer camps we have highlighted a variety of different If you are looking for a comprehensive list of camps in and around Baton Rouge you can find that HERE. Camp Ages:: Boys and Girls . This camp is perfect for children and teens with little or no experience.

You need to login in order to like this post: Love it Sydney. Are the lesbians under rocks? Giels doorways wearing trench coats and fedoras?

I Am Want Sex Meet Any non Baton rouge girls around here

Do they only go out at night? I feel like a lot of Lafayette lesbians are closeted, which probably puts a damper on the dating scene there. We have Bolt. I never considered Swingers Personals in Goodsprings to Baton Rouge until I read this. Every girl that I want to see and visit Xxx mobile mocos in New Orleans and they love Baon.

Maybe I should try to be a tad be more open to visit Louisiana in general since I do live next to the state.

Is the price of crawfish cheaper there? And are the roads really as bad as everyone says they are? People tend to forget about Baton Rouge, but we have a lot going on and much better roads!

Aw you never got the State Capital tour as grade schooler and got to stick you fingers in the bullet holes? Or see the pencil in the ceiling Senate Chamber from the dynamite bomb that went off when every body was out to lunch? Maybe all the facts became like background shrubberies in the neighborhood. Such a rougs of things they got forgotten. The mind is a tricksy little thing.

Love to see ya there! Great Baon but Huey Long was not shot and killed in aound old state capitol. Someone else pointed this out and I could not believe my own brain fart. Yeeeees fellow Louisiana queers! Can we have a general Straddlers Louisiana meet-up? I moved back to BR well….

And yikes!! As a socially anxious, easily overstimulated, arounf grad student it has been hard Any non Baton rouge girls around here meet other LBPQ women here.

Hoping to change that! Any non Baton rouge girls around here

This is a thing rouve should be planned. I missed out on so much of the unique gems the city has to offer! Probably what happens to many when LSU consumes your life.

Also I have never loved anything more than that pic of you in Death Valley. Sydney Sydney Blanchard is a South Louisiana writer, Catholic school survivor and typical only child.

Sydney has ariund 4 articles for us. You May Also Like View From The Top: You Need Help: Log in to Reply. Shame on me!